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If I may chime in since I'm currently in the UK.
I think the word you're all searching for is "omnishambles".
Indeed, "Maybot" was handed the task of polishing a turd. But the conditioning of the British public for rejecting the EU began way before with the ERM fiasco and unwavering press portrayal of a weaseling Jacques Delor, as having designs of creating an EU superstate. The right wing of the Tory party began a war on the EU (via the reliably europhobic Daily Mail, The Telegraph, the gutter Express and The Sun. The Times had a euroskeptic bent but had room for those of an alternative opinion).
The Redwoods, Lillie's and Duncan-Smiths seized control of the Tories and made them immediately unelectable by their extreme euroskpetism. England had been humiliated by the ERM debacle they roared, and Delor and Chirac were the architects of her humiliation. They made it a project to split the UK and EU. It had little traction with the general public at the time because everyone was holidaying in Mykonos and Ibiza not Bognor Regis.
There was nary a day in which we weren't bombarded by a hysteric headline claiming English sensibilities being offended by EU regulations or law. The EU was a malign growth, attempting to emulate the American Empire by creating a United States of Europe, governed by an elected claque of Franco-German autocrats.
In this dialogue, right wing Tories enlisted their fellow travellers from across the Atlantic. The EU was demonised from being socialist to fascist to globalist to migrant-philic to elitist etc. You can still see the effects of this disinformation operation in the musings of Trump and his acolytes. In pursuing this relentless narrative, we've arrived at a point in which American preeminence itself is being openly questioned and challenged ( the irony being that the right-wingers never wanted it to go THAT far).
Fast forward to Brexit. In 2016, we had all kinds of ridiculous assertions being made for Brexit. £350m back (to fund the NHS !), sovereignty regained, trade deals to be made. Britannia was to be made great again.
All in the backdrop of the deepest cuts in the public service sector in living memory. It was and continues to be a ring wing ------- delight. Oh, and don't forget, the "backstop" brouhaha has sprung another opportunity to sink the Good Friday Agreement, another bete noir of the ring wing establishment.
Maybot has refused to release the assessments of a no-deal Brexit (she herself being a Remainer), but Britain's biggest money earner, the City, is voting with its feet and moving HQs to Frankfurt and Luxembourg.
The whole immigrants story line was directed as much to the dark-skinned Muslim immigrants as much as to the Eastern European migrants brought about by EU expansion. At one stage, every plumber and electrician in London was Polish, Latvian or somesuch. British people were being priced out of London by Russian or Chinese nouveau riche, hospitals were being overrun by "Non-English" staff and patients, terrorists were resorting to the ECJ for rulings etc. The Brexstremists even managed to separate London from the UK, painting the divide in North and South terms, Londoners being out of touch. When experts spoke about the dangers of a hard exit, a government minister dismissed analysis saying ppl were tired of experts.
The lies of the Brexiteers have been exposed as entirely driven by ideology and their claims of negotiating a better future for the United Kingdom being the stuff of wind.
The only upside I can see to all this is that the political class has been thoroughly exposed as not fit for purpose. My biggest worry is that dissemblers like M. Mandelson and Blair et al see this gridlock as a way to sidle their way back into public life.
We still haven't hit rock bottom yet.

I'm very conflicted about this whole Mueller enquiry. Politically, I think that Trump possibly being indicted by Mueller is a bad thing for US democracy. I'd rather he was defeated on the strength of the opposition to him having superior arguments. Truth be told, his energised base is not going away. They already see Trump as a victim of Washingtonian machinations, and Mueller's gradually tightening coil of an enquiry is exhibit one into why DC is no longer fit for purpose. The mob mentality, disrespect of expertise and institutions, the low brow mannerisms that posits to be anti PC, the irrepressible rage at the elite/deep state etc; this is not going away any time soon. I suspect the more reasoned Trump supporters know deep down he's a New York huckster but the fact he can utter the unthinkable in such an exalted office serves as a valve for their disillusionment with the "system".
I worry about the implications of all this, frankly, political manuevering. I hope Mueller's final act will be to publish his report, as fully as sources and methods allow him to, then let the electorate decide Trump's fate, instead of it being the commencement of impeachment hearings.
Again, my opinion towards Assange is conflicted. He has done the world some good in exposing elite consensus as being detrimental to the preservations of our liberty and rights and he has shone a light on the ugly underbelly of the expeditionary wars that enforce America's empire. His persistent entrapment in that Embassy is a stain on the idea of justice. Whether that motivated him to become a pawn or stooge in the power games that led to the eventual election of Trump,I haven't the foggiest. But Assange should be given his day in court and the whole ugly business be done with.
Those excited by Manafort's legal difficulties as a means to a way to sink Trump should be careful what they wish for. I have a sense of foreboding, it will turn out to be bad for the Republic and democracy in America. Just my 1 euro worth of thoughts.

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