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A mingled measure of obviousness in repartee for you, chum.
I feel sympathy for the women on a personal level and HW really should be in jail. There are thousands of women who have been pawed by this ogre. Guaranteed. He is that classic, beached whale-type guy with a gift for the gab at college and uni, who couldn't --------. Got a Hollywood break, became rich and connected and now he's got a continuous supply of p###y, the likes of which all those who mocked him previously, could only dream of.
And this event has something even for tin hatters who can delve into the "who/what has HW done that the deep-state doesn't like?" babble. Fascinating stuff ! And completely distractive.
To those dismissing the political angle, "I feel your pain". Besides, everything is "political" these days, darling ! It's reality TV writ large. You remember, you guys saying Trump is a reality TV president and all ?
Besides the last fortnight should have helped you understand that kneeling is disrespect, is the flag, is the troops, protecting freedoms, is entitled, is Chicago, presto it's Obama !
Celebrities being hypocrites is nothing new. From rock stars to TV evangelists. Groupies at concerts ? Those from the faierest sex that "succeed" in the business are made of sterner stuff than others. I don't condone it, but women in the entertainment industry should expect to be placed in a position, such as HW routinely did. Many walk. Others skillfully evade it. etcbr />
And just to satisfy the DR left, Trump's escapades are probably right up there with Berlusconi's. Just somewhat of the older variety and the Miss World calibre. There, I've said it !

Extremist Muslims want unlimited immigration ? Wahhabists in Mecca want unlimited immigration ? Tell that to those going on hajj. I think you're confusing what "extremist Muslims" would like to take advantage of with what you suppose they want. There's no logic there just your supposition that liberals also want unlimited immigration and open borders (what ever that even means). Some of an extremist variety do, many more don't. False dichotomies, incorrect premises, viciously circular etc. Overall a rickety argument with no logical foundation. May I recommend Warburton's "Thinking from A to Z", second edition, sir ?
The kerfuffle at Charlottesville is massively overblown in political terms. A young lady tragically lost her life when a ---- who looks like a test tube baby reject wanted his name in the annuals of neo fascist idolatry. He can spend the rest of his life emblazoned with Aryan Brotherhood tattoos at Pelican Bay then.
If anything, the whole event has backfired on the Storm Fronters, making them look absurd. American neo Nazis ? In the 21st century ? Supporting an ideology their grandfathers fought and died against ? Trump's delayed reaction exposed his ill-mannered ill-will, together with the crazies who congregate around the neighborhood of such leadership. All bleed red he said at inauguration. Kinda sounds hollow as a plea for unity now.
I'm quite happy for Trump to be himself. Democracy is not a benign state that is deserved by any nation or people. Even the most "exceptional" "city on the hill". Every country has to work at it and perhaps Trumps presidency will bring that into sharp relief, for good or ill.
The elites were wanking the banksters. The proles were watching Bruce become Caitlyn. We are where we are.

There is so much political theatre in "news" these days a better description would be "light entertainment". Black contributors to Fox News blubbed because POTUS acted like the prat he's always been ? On the network that has been promoting some of his favorite memes for years ? That's some acting right there. Besides, why tears ? Why not outrage, anger or clear eyed analysis registering their displeasure with DJT and perhaps a little gesture politics announcing their immediate resignations from the Fox payroll ? Instead we get dabbed tears and quivering lips. Jessies the lot of them.

The left and identity politics. Racism is disgusting and has resulted in millions of lives lost. But the lad in the pit or the fella at the car production line isn't racist. He's trying to hear from those opposing Trump whether they have an alternative plan. It's beyond cringeing and has become embarrassing that those that want policy opposition to Trump are always given the overworn fare of identity politics. Trump is a plutocratic charlatan and should be exposed as such. His anti-elitist act is part of the con. His plans make no sense because he has no roadmap, only egotistical ticks. It's a horrendous irony that the disenfranchised working classes are turning to a man in belief that he has their interests at hand, ideologically and politically by his advocacy for them. Even Bannon rails at the Goldman execs surrounding DJT. He was ever thus. Whenever you ask a Trump supporter why HRC isn't yet in jail.......
Propose solutions that can win votes from local communities to districts to state legislatures to congress to the presidency. Progressives will lose the next election if they cannot build on the platform that Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn showed exists.

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