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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Authorities in northern China have demolished a Christian megachurch in a move denounced by a religious rights group as "Taliban-style persecution". The huge evangelical Jindengtai ("Golden Lampstand") Church, painted grey and surmounted by turrets and a large red cross, was located in northern China's Linfen, Shanxi province. Several members of the Christian group were then jailed, according to the official. A "multitude of military police were mobilised and engaged (in) the destruction by burying a large amount of explosives under the church", Bob Fu, president of the U.S.-based religious rights group ChinaAid Association, said on Saturday. read more

Washington, United States: The word "----hole" -- which President Donald Trump allegedly used to describe countries from which he does not want immigrants coming to the US -- has been projected along with other messages onto his Washington hotel. "NOT A DC RESIDENT? NEED A PLACE TO STAY? TRY OUR ----hole. THIS PLACE IS A ----hole," read successive messages projected over the entrance of the Trump International Hotel in central Washington, according to a video posted on social media. A flood of grinning feces emojis then stream out of the hotel's entrance as "----hole" appears in larger text above it. read more

Friday, January 12, 2018

Many Norwegians rejected on Friday a suggestion by U.S. President Donald Trump that they would be more welcome to move to the United States than immigrants from "shithole countries" such as Haiti or African nations. The Nordic country, one of the richest in the world by GDP per capita, was last year named the happiest nation on the planet and is known for a cradle-to-grave welfare state funded in part by large reserves of oil and natural gas. "On behalf of Norway: Thanks, but no thanks," tweeted Torbjoern Saetre, a politician representing Norway's Conservative Party in a municipality near Oslo. read more


"just exactly who the Mighty Pakistani Navy is competing against."

India has had pretty bad luck with their submarines. They keep buying obsolete Russian designs and hand me downs and when those go up in smoke it's ------ time.

4 years back one of their submarines exploded while docked.



India investigated sabotage by Pakistani secret service but they got nowhere. The most likely explanations are poor maintenance and poor design.

And then there was this.


India's brand new french submarines have all been compromised and made useless. Someone, somehow, leaked all their secret information that makes their detection easy. A submarine that can be detected is useless. Again, the Pakistani secret service or the Chinese are the prime suspects but with no evidence pointing fingers is foolish.

And then this.

The INS Chakra, the Nerpa class nuclear submarine leased from Russia, was reported to have suffered damage to its sonar domes while entering the Visakhapatnam harbour in early October.

And this is only submarines. I haven't even mentioned their aircraft carrier that has turned into a white elephant. It is doubtful China or Pakistan or anyone worries about the Indian Navy.

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