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You can't make a single argument for Stein that isn't centered around Trump and Clinton both being unacceptable.

#74 | POSTED BY SNOOFY AT 2017-12-06 08:42 PM | FLAG:


"End destructive energy extraction and associated infrastructure

Protect our public lands, water supplies, biological diversity, parks, and pollinators

Replace NAFTA and other corporate free trade agreements that export American jobs, depress wages, and undermine the sovereign right of Americans and citizens of other countries to control their own economy and political choices. Enact fair trade laws that benefits local workers and communities

Make Wall Street, big corporations, and the rich pay their fair share of taxes

End contracts with private prison corporations.

End the failed war on drugs. Replace drug prohibition with harm reduction. Legalize marijuana/hemp.

Demilitarize police. End use of SWAT teams and no-knock raids for drugs and serving papers.

Body Cams/Film the Police: End the prosecution and retaliation of citizen filming of police incidents, and withdraw federal funding from police departments with needlessly high rates of camera shutoff or disrepair.

Terminate unconstitutional surveillance and unwarranted spying

Eliminate the doctrine of corporate personhood that among other things has been used to justify unlimited corporate spending in elections with a constitutional amendment to clarify that only human beings have constitutional rights.

Enact electoral reforms that break the big money stranglehold and create truly representative democracy: full public election financing, ranked-choice voting, proportional representation, and open debates.

Break up "too-big-to-fail" banks and democratize the Federal Reserve.

End the destructive US economic and military intervention into the affairs of sovereign nations. Such intervention serve the interests of multinational corporations and global capitalism over the interests of the vast majority of the citizens of those nations.

Honor all laws concerning time limits on deployments and between deployments."

It isn't realistic to think she'd be able to do most of these things. And there is also alot in that link that I don't agree with. But it is very clear to me that this is not someone who is beholden to bankers, big pharma, the military complex, the prison complex, etc. She would have done what she can to shift power away from these people and undo some of the damage they've done. And she was unique in this regard.

Unless you can grab a handful of issues you think Trump would be better on than Hillary. I'm all ears.

#68 | POSTED BY JOE AT 2017-12-06 08:35 PM | FLAG:

As you already conceded, her foreign policy may have very well been worse given her affinity for war and backroom dealings with Al Qaeda. But I've never made a better/worse argument. My position is that neither is acceptable. Hillary would be working with a friendly media and there is no telling what kind of garbage they would have normalized for decades to come. If she would tell us what she is promising Goldman Sachs when they are personally paying her hundreds of thousands of dollars at a pop, I could be more specific. But unfortunately, the little people are not privy to her private positions. At least with Trump, there is an open acknowledgement that what he is doing is wrong and shouldn't be tolerated and I can only hope that future election results will reflect that.

In 2004, I voted for Kerry - a bad candidate in his own right but not with Hillary's baggage and record for absurdly poor judgement. I did so because I wanted Bush - a worse president than Trump so far - gone. It never once occurred to me to chastise people who didn't vote for Kerry. I voted for someone who I didn't want to see in office and never felt right about being a party to that. I regretted it before the results were in and even though he would easily carry my state with or without me. When there are other choices available, I will not vote for someone who I don't want to see holding office. I've decided that the irrational behavior of others is not justification for doing something I know to be wrong.

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