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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

During the Legionnaires' disease outbreaks in 2014 and 2015, twelve people died and 79 people became sick. The Flint Area Community Health and Environment Partnership conducted two studies and found the majority of Legionnaires' disease cases in Genesee County can be attributed to the water supply switch.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

This Tuesday, The Satanic Temple will be arguing their case in front of the Missouri Supreme Court after convincing an appeals court that the state's mandatory 72-hour waiting period before having an abortion violates their religious freedom. The Temple is taking up the case of a member they refer to as "Mary Doe," who claims the law goes against her religious beliefs. The woman contends that back in May of 2015, she was forced to view an ultrasound of her fetus and required to read a booklet that stated life "begins at conception." ... "Specifically, her letter advised she has deeply held religious beliefs that a nonviable fetus is not a separate human being but is part of her body and that abortion of a nonviable fetus does not terminate the life of a separate, unique, living human being," the case summary stated according to NBC News.

So there is of course also an "opioid epidemic". We use that phrase too casually, but it much more troubling than it appears on first glance. Here is what is really curious about it. In many countries in the world  --  most of Asia and Africa  --  one can buy all the opioids one wants from any local pharmacy, without a prescription. You might suppose then that opioid abuse as a mass epidemic would be a global phenomenon. Yet we don't see opioid epidemics anywhere but America  --  especially not ones so vicious and widespread they shrink life expectancy. So the "opioid epidemic"  --  mass self-medication with the hardest of hard drugs  --  is again a social pathology of collapse: unique to American life. It is not quite captured in the numbers, but only through comparison  --  and when we see it in global perspective, we get a sense of just how singularly troubled American life really is.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Woodson was inspired to confront Savage over email, asking him if he remembered sexually assaulting her. After Savage refused to reply, Woodson decided to go public with the allegations.

Since then, Savage has admitted to the incident. And this past Sunday, he told his congregation at Highpoint Church, a megachurch in Memphis, that he "regretfully" had a "sexual incident" with Woodson. This, he said, made him feel guilty and led him to "accept full responsibility" for his behavior.


"Our responsibility is that we must take God's side," Conlee said to his congregation. "Now what is God's side? Does God want us to criticize people? Does he want us to criticize Andy and discount what confession, forgiveness, and repentance is all about, and about the fruit that is in keeping with that?"

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

In Michigan's Wayne County, Prosecutor Kym Worthy has spent years processing 11,341 rape kits. The kits, found in 2009, were forgotten in a police storage warehouse, where they were routinely dumped without investigation. Over 800 serial rapists, criminals who have struck 10-15 times without being stopped, were identified. 127 convictions have been made this far. "They just closed cases, even cases where I think they believed the victim ... They closed cases because the women had worked as prostitutes or had mental illness issues or had substance abuse. Didn't believe them, didn't care, and this was one issue that led to the backlog of these kits."


"Its a benefit in exchange for work .... how can you not understand that? the answer is right in the statement."

I can understannd it, but it's wrong.

"In exchange for" is attempting to apply some sort of after-the-fact transactional financial framework to this issue. Like there was a commercial exchange, the consumer did something, the state-vendor gave something in return.

So, I understand it, but it's wrong.

This has been a vehicle for you and others to sort of moralize that the government shouldn't provide benefits to people who don't work.

But that's not an argument based in anything other than your wish that the government wouldn't provide so many benefits, and specifically not to people who don't work.

You're relying on the fact that you don't think the government should provide benefits to people who don't work to argue against free tuition.

You haven't discussed free tuition as its own issue, you're just saying that the government shouldn't provide benefits to people who don't work, and since free tuition would be such a thing, you're against it.

You haven't said why, other than the obvious, which is you're opposed to the government providing benefits to people who don't work.

One more thing: Calling the actions undertaken by those who served in WW2 "work" is not a fair description or a fair comparison. It's also not the case that they willfully signed up to serve in exchange for the GI Bill later. Most of them simply got drafted, and the GI Bill didn't come about until 1944.

But let me put it to you this way: We shouldn't need a war to raise a crop of college educated high-tech workers.

Let me also put it to you this way: Would you rather there be more Americans or highly qualified foreigners working with H1-B Visas in America's high tech sector? If you said "More Americans," can't you see how free college tuition works towards that goal?

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