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Thursday, March 07, 2019

Sueann Douglas, the mother of a student in the school, told KCTV many parents learned of the decision to exclude children based on the sexual orientation of their parents from an email to school families. The email from the St. Ann pastor, Father Craig Maxim said he "sought the advice of the archdiocese since as a parochial school we are subject to the guidance of the archdiocese on the application of church doctrine. ... The archdiocese advised against admission."

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Coke has been able to influence China's health policies. The company has cleverly manoeuvered itself into a position of behind-the-scenes power that ensures that government policy to fight the growing obesity epidemic does not undermine its interests. It has done this by leveraging the Chinese branch of an organisation it created to advance its interests around the world. The International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI), set up by a Coke executive 40 years ago in the US, is housed within the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a unit of the government health ministry. The staff of the industry funded ILSI-China have unparalleled access to government officials, and the organisation established itself as a premiere scientific body capable of providing access to the best that Western science has to offer.

The 2016 arrest of a former National Security Agency contractor charged with a massive theft of classified data began with an unlikely source: a tip from a Russian cybersecurity firm that the U.S. government has called a threat to the country. Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab turned Harold T. Martin III in to the NSA after receiving strange Twitter messages in 2016 from an account linked to him, according to two people with knowledge of the investigation. They spoke with POLITICO on condition of anonymity because they're not authorized to discuss the case.

Monday, December 24, 2018

(CNN) -- Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers dropped off more than 200 undocumented immigrants outside a Greyhound bus terminal in El Paso, Texas, on Sunday night without an apparent plan for housing them, according to Sgt. Robert Gomez, spokesman with the El Paso Police Department. ICE said in an emailed statement to CNN that after decades of inaction by Congress, the government is limited in what it can do to remove families who are in the United States illegally.


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