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Monday, January 01, 2018

According to Science Mag, Earth's rotation began to slow nearly five years ago, which means 2018 could bring two to five more magnitude 7 earthquakes than usual.

Friday, December 08, 2017

The Honolulu Police Department has sent letters to local medical marijuana patients ordering them to "voluntarily surrender" their firearms because of their MMJ status. The letters, signed by Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard, inform patients that they have 30 days upon receipt of the letter to transfer ownership or turn in their firearms and ammunition to the Honolulu Police. read more


Corky, all I did was point out the parallel between those who throw around the "misogyny" label at anyone who criticizes Clinton and anyone who doesn't praise the latest casting of the Doctor as the greatest thing since sliced bread. It's a valid comparison between the same types of people who resort to that type of name calling when they don't have an argument.

I find it ironic that many who champion the latest casting as progressive will give a free pass to the extremely sexist and problematic writing the past few years by the same person who built the show up to this moment, including the fact he took a giant crap on the legacy of the only woman producer. David Bradley did a decent job with what he had to work with, but the Christmas special script portrayed a sexist caricature that was a complete misrepresentation and distortion of what the original Doctor was like. Verity Lambert is probably rolling in her grave.

"Let's agree about the Tom Baker years, though, as they were my youthful favorites, too, and it's the season to be merry."

Yes, we agree on that. Heck, I even enjoy episodes from the 1980s, although I recognize there was ugly stuff going on behind the scenes and some of the bad decisions led to the show being taken off the air for 15 years. I just don't want to see that happen again, but when the ratings have fallen every year for the past five years, it makes the female casting of the Doctor look like a desperate move. And that's unfortunate. I genuinely hope Chibnall can turn it around, lightning strikes again and the show can inspire a sense of wonder without being stuck up its own arse.

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