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What this news article DIDN'T mention was that Alex Harris was literally carpet-spamming every student on Twitter for lurid info for a scoop, all while these kids were still hiding underneath their desks. She didn't care that the shooter could be right outside the classroom. She wanted her scoop even if it got more kids killed.

Here's a post someone made that screencapped all of her twitterpsamming. These posts were NOT doctored.


This sort of ghoulish media-vulture -------- pissed a LOT pf people off. Instead of stopping for a moment and at least waiting for the kids to be out of harm's way, she instead doubled down and increased her twitter-spamming, and acted like she has every right to do this because she's a journalist.

Now, everyone acts like Harris is a victim here. No wonder there is such a low opinion of mass media by the public these days when the narrative gets twisted like this.

Drudge Retort

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