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Thursday, April 26, 2018

New York Times: It's a nightmare scenario, but it's not hard to imagine: President Trump, growing tired of the Russia investigation as it closes in on him, fires Robert S. Mueller III and moves to dismantle the Office of Special Counsel. This would be a serious assault on the rule of law in the United States. The ability of the Department of Justice to enforce the laws would be in grave doubt. By now, Mr. Mueller has presumably amassed a great deal of evidence, some of which is highly classified, that may point toward serious crimes. Americans might reasonably wonder whether perpetrators, if they exist, would ever face justice. We hope that such a constitutional crisis is unlikely. But if it does come to pass, there is a way that Mr. Mueller and his staff could prevent their important work from being permanently buried: They could become lawful whistle-blowers. read more

Friday, March 30, 2018

Special counsel Robert Mueller's team last year made clear it wanted former Trump campaign deputy Rick Gates' help, not so much against his former business partner Paul Manafort, but with its central mission: investigating the Trump campaign's contact with the Russians. New information disclosed in court filings and to CNN this week begin to show how they're getting it. read more

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

President Donald Trump can't avoid a former "Apprentice" contestant's defamation lawsuit and may be forced to respond under oath to allegations of sexual assault and his treatment of women. Summer Zervos, a contender on The Apprentice in 2005, sued Trump in January 2017 alleging he "ambushed" her on more than one occasion starting in 2007, kissing her, touching her breast and pressing his genitals against her. On Tuesday, New York State Supreme Court Justice Jennifer Schecter denied the president's request to throw out the lawsuit or delay it until he leaves office. read more

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Stephen Hawking, the astrophysicist best known for his attempt to teach the layman basic fundamentals of time and space through his seminal work A Brief History of Time, has passed away at the age of 76. read more

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

"the Committee has learned... candidate Trump's private business was actively negotiating a business deal in Moscow with a sanctioned Russian bank during the election period" read more


The Oligarchs' ‘Guaranteed Basic Income' Scam - www.commondreams.org

"The longer the elites keep us in darkness with their ideological tricks and empty moralism, the longer we refuse to mobilize to break their grip on power, the worse it will get."

Mobilizing against the oligarchs will do nothing to mitigate the impending automation takeover of labor within the US. The only reason China hasn't moved as stridently towards automation as Westernized nations is because China lacks the wage and human rights protections coupled with a MASSIVE labor pool. The incentive to automize labor in China is far less. Is Chris Hedges asking for the US to return to labor environments that mirror China? That's what it's gonna take to stave off automation, and with it, if we're smart enough of voters, the implementation of UBI. What else is going to ferry us back to an era where human workers are valued? Its the same reason I'm against Bernie's Jobs for All program. It's short sighted and one single step away from socialism, or to my point, UBI. It's the economic status quo that necessitates preservation. The best way to do that, in the face of oncoming universal automation is Universal Basic Income. If humans are so poor they cannot consume at the levels of middle class status, our economy will collapse. And with it, potentially, the world's. Either we institute UBI as automation takes over our labor force, or the Dollar will lose its legitimacy as the world considers our political moves, or lack there of, as indication of our own naivete. We went to war with Saddam when he threatened to trade his oil in euros instead of dollars. This situation is far more stark in comparison.

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