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So, the only question is whether she knew it would help her application or not.blah blah blopdablam yah yah waa wa....agreat thinker and would be too smart to not know the advantage it would give her so it had to be calculated.
Either way, a unethical liar and/or just plain stupid. Sounds like Hillary 2.0.


That comment demonstrates your stupid to an amazing degree. How can you be so ignorant and so sure of your stupidity escapes me...

You are the typical pig brain all in a butt hurt because you think someone got something they didn't deserve... or you should have gotten int cauyse oif how hard you work boohoohoohoo
I just have to shake my head. You talk as if the monies going to Native American education was an enormous cash cow that people just tapped into.

I am a card carrying Native and I can tell you there was very little money if any given to natives for education ect.. and when there was it was often left by individual tribes to their members.... most tribes didn't have those kinds of funds. It wasn't this big government hand out given to the unworthy based on the color of their skin.

Ignorant -------- like you are taking the word of a silverspoon -------- artist that never paid a nickel for his education versus someone that actually had to come up with the funds on their own.

Furthermore the crap brain making the accusation's own education was funded by a man who was known to be actively involved at come level with groups known for bigotry and racism. Trump himself was busted for discriminatory practices.

Drudge Retort

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