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Its interesting all the takes on Cali's blatant income disparity and the prception of California as socialist haven crumbing under the weight of its own progressive hubris.
I just love all the going on and on about the homless in CA... blah blah. All I can say is... for all the shortcomings in their life the vast majority of the homeless are not hung on hooks... there is nothing holding them there... they can leave at any time...

Nope they would rather live in the crapiest neighborhood in CA... than move to Idaho... or Texass... or Wyoming... hell lots of open space in WY... Nebraska... West VA...where they could have everything and live right smack next door to someone who has a personal relationship with Jayzus.

To cap things off... all the Jayzus loving states aren't going there and bringing home a truckload of them to be embraced by the perfect love of the Xtian comminities. Nope instead they are all proud of the fact that they aren't seen as a place of refuge for the destitute... and in some cases they jump up and down like a screaming bunch of lesser primates tossing feces screaming about all the bad things in CA.

Welcome to the global economy... Apple is going to do what it needs to do to put the product in our hands. As far as Apple users being all about liberalism and mostly used by liberal types... well 25 years ago when Apple was not so stratosperic... Rush Limbaugh who is a big fan of Apple products tried like hell to get them to advertise with him... to their credit they refused.

Drudge Retort

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