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Funny thang about what happens when you knock Hillary down. She always comes back stronger.

Love the arm chair pig brains trying to measure her against previous candidates etc or...determine what she wasn't getting as if anyone but her has a clue.
Since I started voting. Two republiclown -------- in chief left office in disgrace presiding over economic meltdowns and really really bad war policies. Why at least one of them continued a war to enhance his electability.

The one super popular president left office and somehow immediately had no memory of presiding over one of the most corrupt administrations... as the following administration made sure to pardon anyone able to give testimony.

Seriously people you're idiots and working on fluffing up your 4th bout of disgrace... all the while praying to your zombie god to save your stupid asses from the moozlimz 'n mekseekinz because some coal miners found their job skills didn't carry over to other professions... and you think some old fart disguised in orange is going to save you cause he gets you. Never mind that his career has been a water boy for the truly wealthy. He makes a nice place for them to hang out and cut deals that screw you.That is why he looks so stupid. He is not a innovator or politician.

The Clintons, Carter, Obamas, Gore all moved on to bigger things unfettered by holding office and still have influence over policy... and they are all still doing it... you know its all its part of that "Inconvenient Truth" you can't wrap your mind around.

Drudge Retort

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