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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Bruce Ohr, the Department of Justice official who brought opposition research on President Donald Trump to the FBI, did not disclose that Fusion GPS, which performed that research at the Democratic National Committee's behest, was paying his wife, and did not obtain a conflict of interest waiver from his superiors at the Justice Department, documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation show. The omission may explain why Ohr was demoted from his post as associate deputy attorney general after the relationship between Fusion GPS and his wife emerged and Fusion founder Glenn Simpson acknowledged meeting with Ohr. Willfully falsifying government ethics forms can carry a penalty of jail time, if convicted. read more


Yes. I believe it was McCain that first picked it up, but never used it.


This is not true. This was the first narrative used by the Dems when they thought the funding of the dossier would remain anonymous. If you go to the way back machine, the story was that the pee dossier was a GOP or an unknown source. The story was that it eventually made it to Hillary (first anonymous GOP candidate thought to be Bush then McCain and then Hillary just happened to get it. We know now that entire story is a lie. When it was a GOP paid product, Steele was not hired and it contained standard opo research. Nothing from the Russians and no pee allegations. That was all post-Clinton funding.


Then Hillary picked it up, gave it to the FBI, and publicized it through media contacts and all of Russiagate started.


Correct other than Hillary paid for it to be written and didn't "pick it up" like it was a completed product. We know that her campaign surrogates tried shop it around to media sources (no legit one would touch it) and to the intelligence community.


"Then came Strzok, fresh from wiping Hillary's name off of the e-mail scandal to use the Pee Dossier to order the FISA warrant."



That is going to be the huge scandal. The libbie apologists on this board act they never worked in a hierarchy before, to be fair, I don't think many have actually worked anywhere before that does not involve super sizing. It is clear from the Strzok text messages that these guys do a lot of office discussions that are never documented. As such, I find it impossible that Strzok's underlings did not know his feelings/intentions with regard to Hillary or Trump. This is how larger organizations work. You are not dictated each step. Your manager gives your general direction and you execute on it. So, any hint of Stzrok is grounds for scandal as he was in the management capacity. Same goes or corrupt McCabe.

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