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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel told Fox News that donations made by its former finance chair Steve Wynn, who has been accused of sexually assaulting his employees, will only be returned if he's found guilty of wrongdoing. Why it matters: The RNC has been scrutinized for not taking immediate action after the Wall Street Journal reported dozens of sexual harassment and assault allegations against Wynn. And the RNC demanded the DNC return donations made by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein after he was accused of sexual assaulting a number of women.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

President Donald Trump pressed senior aides last June to devise and carry out a campaign to discredit senior FBI officials after learning that those specific employees were likely to be witnesses against him as part of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, according to two people directly familiar with the matter. In testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 8, recently fired FBI Director James Comey disclosed that he spoke contemporaneously with other senior bureau officials about potentially improper efforts by the president to curtail the FBI's investigation of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

The former chairman of the Colorado Republican Party was sentenced to four years of probation and 300 hours of community service for voter fraud. Steve Curtis blamed a "major diabetic episode" for causing him to vote his ex-wife's absentee ballot in October 2016. Curtis, 57, told District Judge Julie Hoskins Friday it was "a customary thing" for him to fill out his wife's ballot and he didn't know it was illegal, but he said he didn't remember doing it. In October of 2016, Kelly Curtis called the Weld County Clerk and Recorder's Office to obtain her mail-in ballot. She was told she had already voted, CBS Denver reports. The Weld County District Attorney's Office investigated and, using DNA evidence and handwriting analysis, alleged that Steve Curtis forged his wife's name on her ballot and mailed it to the clerk's office. read more

"Supporters of President Donald Trump singled out dark-skinned lawmakers, legislative staffers and children at the Capitol on Jan. 25 as they protested congressional efforts to pass immigration reform, according to staffers of the Arizona Legislature and two Democratic legislators, AZ Capitol Times reported. "Waving large flags in support of Trump while standing between the House and Senate buildings, the protesters, who were also armed, asked just about anyone who crossed their path if they ‘support illegal immigration.'" One dark-skinned Arizonian who was asked if he was in the country "illegally" was Rep. Eric Descheenie (D-Chinle). Rep. Descheenie is a Navajo lawmaker.

The Trump family wanted to borrow a painting by Vincent van Gogh from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum to adorn their White House residence. Instead, they were offered a solid gold toilet titled, "America," according to a report in the Washington Post. More fascinating still, the 18-karat gold toilet, according to the Post, has been occupying the museum's fifth floor for visitors to use. The piece has been described as symbolizing excesses of the United States. Museum curator Nancy Spector, in an email to the White House obtained by the Post, offered the "America" piece, "should the president and first lady have any interest in installing it in the White House." Needless to say, the toilet piece -- created by contemporary Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan -- was perhaps not what President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump had in mind. read more


Trump Researcher Arrested for Child Porn Also Made Mysterious Request for Latino Voter Info

Since 1983, Texas has attempted to identify Hispanic voters in order to comply with laws that require bilingual election notifications. The state uses the U.S. Census Bureau's list of common surnames by race and Hispanic origin to determine which voters may require Spanish-language mailers. Anyone can purchase the data, and advocacy groups frequently do.

Why would the voter fraud commission need this data? Kobach told the Post the records "did not advance the commission's inquiry in any way," and that the request "just doesn't make any sense." He added that "this is the first I've heard" of the purchase," calling the records "a complete surprise to me."
According to Kobach, it was Ronald Williams II, a policy adviser on the commission, who bought the data. "Mr. Williams did not ask any member of the commission whether he should check that box or not," Kobach asserted, "so it certainly wasn't a committee decision."

In October, Williams was arrested and charged with the possession and distribution of child pornography. (He has pleaded not guilty.) While the Post was not able to reach Williams for comment, the available evidence does bear out Kobach's version of the events. Only Williams' name appears on the invoice, and he indeed merely had to check a box to request the Hispanic voter data. The records also indicate Williams handled these kind of requests with virtually no oversight.


It's reassuring to know that the------------------- is still hiring the best people.

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