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Sunday, November 05, 2017

A trove of 13.4 million leaked documents exposes ties between Russia and a host of western officials, including Donald Trump's billionaire commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's main fundraiser.

One of the biggest revelations in the Paradise Papers touch on investments by Ross, Donald Trump's commerce secretary and owner of a shipping company who recorded income of more than $68 million since 2014 from a Russian energy company, which is partly owned by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ross ended ties to 80 companies upon joining the Trump cabinet, but continues to own nine companies, including four that tie him to Navigator and its Russian clients.

President Donald Trump's chaotic leadership style, his high-handedness with advisers and constant urge to attack when question or criticized have left him isolated and bereft of allies -- both in the White House and in the Republican Party.

Politico said on Saturday that Trump has allowed White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to push out his closest West Wing allies and confidants and now the combative chief executive is feeling cut off from his support network.

"I think he's been humbled," one longtime friend said. "But he has no friends left in his own administration. He trusted Jared, but Jared's in a box, fighting his own battles. He had Keith, he had Corey every now and then. Now he's alone."

Trump's longtime personal bodyguard Keith Schiller left the White House earlier this year, as well as Trump 2016 campaign manager Corey Lewandowski -- who claims he turned down a job at the White House because the salary was "chump change."

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Billionaire TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts on Thursday announced the shuttering of DNAinfo, a superlative local site in New York City and Chicago, and the Gothamist family of local urban websites with editions in New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco, as the New York Times reported. No, it's not unfathomable that another venture in web-based local news has crumbled or faltered. That happens all the time. The unfathomable part is what happens when you attempt to log on to those sites. They don't come up. Instead, you get Ricketts's explanation as to why everything is going kaput. "Today, I've made the difficult decision to discontinue publishing DNAinfo and Gothamist. Reaching this decision wasn't easy, and it wasn't one I made lightly," writes Ricketts at the beginning of his closure note. As the New York Times pointed out, workers at the combined DNAinfo-Gothamist newsroom in New York voted to unionize.

One of the new White House appointees to a critical environmental panel once said that the air these days is just too clean to promote good health.

Robert Phalen, an air pollution researcher at the Irvine campus of the University of California, said in 2012 that children need to breathe irritants so that their bodies learn how to ward them off.

"Modern air," he told the American Association for the Advancement of Science, "is a little too clean for optimum health."

The Trump administration has downplayed the role of foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos during the 2016 presidential campaign. But the public record shows that Papadopoulos, who attempted to set up a meeting between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, was a more prominent figure than previously understood. Papadopoulos was in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention where he was invited by the American Jewish Committee to speak on a panel about U.S. foreign policy, organizers said. "Papadopolous was only one among the many contacts AJC established and maintained among advisers to both parties' 2016 presidential candidates and in the two parties' national committees," AJC spokesperson Ken Bandler said in a statement.


Putin's bitch in action.

Colorado Walmart Killer Lived Alone With a Stack of Bibles and No Furniture


Has the ------------------- mentioned anything about sending this terrorist to Gitmo?

The upcoming arrests make a nice nothing burger for schizotrumpgasm to choke on.

Fourth woman accuses George HW Bush of groping


Herbie must be trying to get a plaque just like the -------------------'s.

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