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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The CEO of "the largest coal mining company in America" believes President Trump has broken his promises to miners, The Associated Press reports. Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray claims he told Trump that without the White House invoking an obscure emergency order to protect coal-fired power plants, he would have to lay off more than 6,500 miners. Murray allegedly convinced Trump, and Trump told his energy secretary, Rick Perry, three times that "I want this done."

The order allows "the Energy Department to temporarily intervene when the nation's electricity supply is threatened by an emergency such as war or natural disaster" by offering a temporary exemption of "power plants from obeying environmental laws," AP writes.

President Donald Trump has a well earned reputation as someone who exaggerates, fabricates, and flat-out lies to advance his personal ambitions.
The Washington Post's fact checkers have combed through seven months of Trump's statements as president and they have found that he has made more than 1,000 false or misleading claims so far.

"At the president's current pace, he averages nearly five claims a day," the Post writes. "Many are repeats of claims that have been previously debunked. We also include statements that are unacknowledged flip-flops from previously held positions, such as touting new highs in a stock market that he previously derided as being a ‘big, fat bubble.'"

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The organizer of the racist Charlottesville rally who tweeted that the slain Heather Heyer is a 'fat, disgusting Communist' has blamed booze and a cocktail of drugs on the vile outburst.
Jason Kessler tweeted on Friday night: 'Heather Heyer was a fat, disgusting Communist. Communists have killed 94 million. Looks like it was payback time.'
The shocking post immediately drew a massive backlash from both sides.
Kessler then backtracked. First he said his account was hacked and then, on Saturday, he blamed the remark on a prescription cocktail of Xanax and Ambien, fueled by alcohol.
A short time later he deleted his Twitter account as it was revealed he has gone into hiding because of the response to the march in Virginia that left Heyer dead.

DoubleLine Capital Chief Executive Jeffrey Gundlach, one of the few money managers to predict the election of Donald Trump, says the president probably wouldn't resign unless his popularity falls much further.

"I think Trump will not resign unless his favorability drops below 20, and that is not a very high odds outcome," Gundlach, whose Los Angeles-based firm oversees about $111 billion, said Friday in an emailed response to questions.

Trump's job approval rating is at 39 percent, according to a compilation of recent polls by Real Clear Politics. That's down from 44 percent when he was inaugurated in January.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Former top Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke praised President Donald Trump on Tuesday for his latest remarks regarding the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend, which was organized ostensibly as a protest of the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. David Duke: "Thank you President Trump for your honesty & courage to tell the truth about #Charlottesville & condemn the leftist terrorists in BLM/Antifa"


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