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so why would Erdogan not want them there
#1 | POSTED BY REDLIGHTROBOT AT 2018-01-22 02:13 PM
Because those Kurds have launched terror attacks against Turkey long before there was an IS.
#2 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2018-01-22 02:25 PM

Project Olive Branch is to "eliminate YPG from Turkeys border". The olive branch allegedly represents liberating those recently reclaimed cities from their US/Russian/Kurd protection - not to combat ISIS.

Who do you imagine will be meeting Turkey? Erdogan somehow believes that US and Russian forces will just step aside and allow ethnic cleansing. Good ---- luck, and by that I mean "glass Erdogan's presidential palace". He's scum, I'm shocked you support him in any capacity.

Also, strangely the Free Syrian Army Commander states "The target of this operation is to liberate the region from separatist militias affiliated with the PKK which has robbed the people and even driven them from their lands. People have begun to build houses under trees to survive. Our aim is to liberate our Kurdish brothers from the ongoing separatist tyranny. We have been preparing for a long time for this operation and as you can see from the picture the soldiers behind me - these forces are preparing to begin the operation against separatist militias linked to the PKK in Afrin and places around it."

Erdogan says "Once the operation is over the next move will be towards YPG held Manbij. .. The Americans aren't helping you in Afrin and won't do so in Manbij or perhaps even east of the Euphrates where they control a wide area."

So, my belief is that Afrin will be decimated in Turkeys attempt to "liberate" the Kurds. Exactly like the United States military destroying block-by-city block in the alleged eradication of nationalist forces in Fallujah. The entire city was obliterated to "save it". This invasion is BS.

.. I would not be surprised if many discussions surrounding the 25th Amendment aren't held in whispers and starts amongst the participants. For history will note both what was done and said and what wasn't. And all of this will become public at some point.
Guess we'll see.
#2 | Posted by tonyroma at 2018-01-06 11:28 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

I had to look it up to be certain, but that does seem to be where everyone is positioning themselves - to replace Trump. It's amazing how many interested parties there are - perhaps they believe that their relationships to the 1% has more credibility? That's unlikely as Trump is the epitome of that trope. So, they can't out-1% him, they can't debate him, cross him or ignore him. It will be an interesting puppet show for puppets - masterclass of puppetry.

Going forward, what can they do to further eradicate the years of Obama? Keeping the drug wars active is the most obvious route to maintaining racial classism, and the rioting is becoming more militarized which can be a huge revenue to the right 1% industries. So, their discussions will cover revenue and perhaps not expenditures. Where they intend on exploiting United States presence crafting the real and difficult consequences we now face globally, but monetize it further still.

This hedge fund rollup and risk distribution will translate into cost for every economically fragile nation, further spreading their contribution to the declining dollar to the global 99%. I can see Trump brandishing an Atlas covered in red dollar signs. Banks are merely the clownish face of foreclosure blame, but the people who benefit most are the investment managers and largest, somewhat automated investors, contractors, etc. His speechifying will be directed at them.

Jobs appear to be shrinking here in the Pacific NW. Some older companies are being forced out, translating into foreclosures and debt. It's not clear what they ever intended on doing to increase local revenue other than encourage more subsidized, contractible, temporary technical warehouse jobs instead. Housing is unsustainable for the majority, we're quickly declining into a desolate, homeless world. This must be the 1% ideal monetization of humanity.

Will they bring up Puerto Rico? Doubtful.

And Sheets Sessions has vast financial holdings in the private prison industries. Coincidence?
So much for states rights.
#2 | Posted by 726 at 2018-01-04 12:32 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 7

I absolutely agree - the far-right love prisons and locking up minorities because marijuana criminalizing promotes right-wing jobs. In turn, Joe Rogan actually brought up that probably all dispensaries are "liberal" and Sessions' controllers want to prevent that economic engine.

Observing the authorities such as Baum who directs the National Drug Policy allegedly representing informed, science-based decisions we know they are not only lying about their factual knowledge of THC and CBD benefits, but also distorting the indisputablity of marijuana's harmless nature. As Baum clarifies re-prioritization will be done specifically to monetize all marijuana only once legislation is in place that benefits corporate investor class and disengages small business.

The divide isn't unnecessary for their parasitic values, but also used for their confusing responses to delay, delay, delay reparations to those who have been wrongfully arrested, lost their homes and properties. Marijuana is innocent, everyone can benefit from it's decriminalization, but Sessions' creatures are simply cruel, thoughtless and willing to subject our world to hardship and suffering at their hand.

The Federal government should be entirely disengaged from exercising authority over our society when it is plainly an extension of corporate lordship.

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