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Go ahead and run for office on that platform. You've certainly got a head start on the mental disorder part.
That is what the Progressives are doing right now - which I am opposed to in case you are having a difficult time understanding that. You consider me a sick individual for opposing pedophilia - just shows how the far left are morally bankrupt.
I have no idea what you are trying to communicate with this post. Where have I ever argued against gay rights? I never have. I just understand the boundaries will continue to be pushed - like they already have with transgendered. For instance, up until 2013, transgenders were classified as a mental disorder under the DSM - and it is still considered to be a mental disorder by a majority of the world. Given that, banning them from the military seems entirely justified. You can't own a gun if you are judged mentally deficient - so what use are they in the military?
#98 | POSTED BY IRAGOLDBERG AT 2019-05-16 01:21 AM

Sorry for not jumping backso quickly, my man..:] I really don't mind your posts, they appear researched, referenced, linked and legible. That's all coolness, however I wonder what you meant by "seems entirely justified". Clearly the land of the free, home of the brave has adopted it's own rules and rid itself of the shackles of organized religion, or are you intimating the military adopts religious practice over scientific? I can see maybe both being truth. However, 'justification" without Constitutionality makes them an anti-American organization.. in theory. Perhaps that's a reflection of my mental deficiencies.

Or, like Beary Bear says, "We just can't pee into her eye sockets without the AIDS!" I can see how to some protocol matters more than your feelings. You give me stuff to noodle with, Tor must be livid.

#12 | Posted by ClownShack, Yep, you have a good point, those who have the most visceral reaction to homosexuality seem to have those tendencies themselves. What you don't address is that for children sex is an abstraction. Seeing sex is confusing to prepubescents.
My friend Don was gay, we maintained a close relationship for 30 years until he was murdered by his lover. I liked the LBGT community better when they campaigned for tolerance, now they seem to want celebration. Sex is an activity, not an identity. Three or four hours a week doesn't make you better or worse, the relationships you form is much more important.
#14 | POSTED BY DOCNJO AT 2019-05-15 12:12 PM | REPLY | NEWSWORTHY 1

The "campaign" is for equality, not just simply tolerance. But yeah, not reading about lynchings, evictions and oppression of LGBTQ every week would be nice.

Is a marriage a celebration? What does it matter to you who does it? Every culture does it, but you believe that it's exclusive to heterosexual couples only? It would not surprise me one bit to learn that it has been "gayed-up" with flowers, special dress clothing, the special cake, even the ring. The original version was undoubtedly less "gay", imo.

There are kids with two dads or two moms, this cartoon is depicting that a family isn't binary. It's shocking how allegedly "confusing" means SEX to you, rather than the love demonstrated at a commitment ceremony. They show the ceremony, not the bedroom. Why do you conflate the two? Btw four hours sounds nice, but you must not enjoy it very much.

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