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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Border Patrol claim that 150 migrants were targeted because of rock throwers. In the complete dark. Throwing rocks. Do they use FLIR and slings? What excellent shots, too bad that's not an Olympic sport - shattering the ego of Border Patrol.


.. Just like you think jokes about black people and watermelons is funny. Just like you think gay jokes are funny. Jut like you think jokes about women being in the kitchen are funny. They are still bigoted.
And, btw... I do think that some of those jokes are funny as well. But I don't tell them. Because even if the comedy is there they can be hurtful to the people they are targeted at. And, more importantly, a lot of ignorant people can't even GRASP that they can be hurtful to who they are targeted at. And them hearing and telling those jokes makes them think that their bigotry is OK. And I refuse to support that.
#23 | POSTED BY GTBRITISHSKULL AT 2019-03-19 06:09 PM

When I was in my early teens a black family moved in next door. Jehovah's Witness with two slightly younger sons. The boys were outside and seemed really nice and very shy. We have a gigantic garden, I offered them two perfect sugar baby watermelons. They thanked me and walked inside their home - about 15 minutes later they returned them to me. Dour faced, no words. I was stunned. So were they. Their father was in the doorway, he looked like a squat Eddie Murphy as a desk clerk. The boys were never allowed to speak with us again. My new potential friends were ripped away, I presumed maybe their religion could see through me and know I'm not straight. She shame, I thought I got them in trouble. For decades I had no idea what had happened. Recording vocals from a friend from South Carolina we got drunk and he explained porch monkey and watermelons - flabbergasted hardly describes that dawning. Those were our pride of the garden. I'm certain of the same outcome had they actually known what I had presumed.

Off to work, thanks for the crappy memory in this crappy thread about crap we already know is crap.:]

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