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so why would Erdogan not want them there
#1 | POSTED BY REDLIGHTROBOT AT 2018-01-22 02:13 PM
Because those Kurds have launched terror attacks against Turkey long before there was an IS.
#2 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2018-01-22 02:25 PM

Project Olive Branch is to "eliminate YPG from Turkeys border". The olive branch allegedly represents liberating those recently reclaimed cities from their US/Russian/Kurd protection - not to combat ISIS.

Who do you imagine will be meeting Turkey? Erdogan somehow believes that US and Russian forces will just step aside and allow ethnic cleansing. Good f'ing luck, and by that I mean "glass Erdogan's presidential palace". He's scum, I'm shocked you support him in any capacity.

Also, strangely the Free Syrian Army Commander states "The target of this operation is to liberate the region from separatist militias affiliated with the PKK which has robbed the people and even driven them from their lands. People have begun to build houses under trees to survive. Our aim is to liberate our Kurdish brothers from the ongoing separatist tyranny. We have been preparing for a long time for this operation and as you can see from the picture the soldiers behind me - these forces are preparing to begin the operation against separatist militias linked to the PKK in Afrin and places around it."

Erdogan says "Once the operation is over the next move will be towards YPG held Manbij. .. The Americans aren't helping you in Afrin and won't do so in Manbij or perhaps even east of the Euphrates where they control a wide area."

So, my belief is that Afrin will be decimated in Turkeys attempt to "liberate" the Kurds. Exactly like the United States military destroying block-by-city block in the alleged eradication of nationalist forces in Fallujah. The entire city was obliterated to "save it". This invasion is BS.

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