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Sunday, June 30, 2019

"Columbia is in this in a big way within two years." "It's more of a local problem. If I were governor of my state or mayor of my town I would be passing new ordinances relating to stiff criminal penalties for anyone who held a rave. The promoter, the guy who owned the building, I would put the son-of-a-gun in jail. I would change the law. But we're afraid to do that because it would effect commercial interest - they get shaky when you do that. I would be moving vigorously. It's no.. You can ask my cops are going to testify, and you know your folks. There is no doubt about where these raves are. In the middle of the desert. Arrest the promoter. Find a rationale unrelated to drugs." W..T..F.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Facebook is going into the banking business. The social networking company on Tuesday said it plans to help launch a digital currency in 2020, marking one of the company's most aggressive moves yet to push beyond digital advertising. read more


Bernie's fought the good fight for sure but he's sure getting up there.
i'd like to see warren / yang and yang have a huge role in their admin as vice pres for 8 years then get the nod for 4 more
#4 | POSTED BY 1947STEAMER AT 2019-07-14 08:50 PM

I demand medicare for all. Yang is into stipends, otherwise he seems incredibly bright. No compromise on this issue can result in heathcare covering all citizens. Anything less is unreasonable. Insurance must be curtailed and the ownership society must be eliminated from these decisions. Lobbyists should just throw themselves into the ocean because I can't see anywhere they belong after 2020. Revolt will mean hunting them out.

Bernie Sanders has a record of fighting for equal rights. He is a perfect representation of what Americans should be.

Imo, the neo-Nazi and Black Panther have the very same needs and would prove effective fighting together to achieve a greater nation.

Latino rights are so important right now - highlighting how far from Constitutional rule our "leadership" will profiteer off of us all. The 5 billion in taxpayer money will not go to alleviate any of this border concentration camps, but a coalition of AMERICANS can. I want Border Patrol agents to fear this. I want them to remove themselves.

Natives have been shafted. Blacks obviously are not gaining economic ground. Poor people of every color need to hold each other accountable to fight the real enemy - corporate politicians and their payoff mechanisms.

I honestly feel so terrible today, the sun is blazing, the sky is beautiful and the air tastes sweet. All the while innocent immigrants are being herded like criminals to detention facilities, their families destroyed. Today is a very, very ugly day for all Americans.

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