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Sunday, February 25, 2018

President Donald Trump said Friday the decision over whether to give Jared Kushner a waiver on his security clearance will be "up to" chief of staff John Kelly. ... The president's son-in-law and senior White House adviser has been working on an interim security clearance since joining the White House in January 2017, accessing sensitive information including the president's daily intelligence briefing. He is one of dozens of staffers, including his wife Ivanka, working without permanent clearance. read more

Friday, February 23, 2018

Florida Gov. Rick Scott broke with President Donald Trump on Friday and rejected calls to arm teachers with guns to prevent school massacres. "I disagree with arming teachers," Scott said. "My focus is on bringing in law enforcement. I think you need to have individuals who are trained, well trained." Scott also defied the National Rifle Association by unveiling a sweeping plan to boost school security that would bar "violent or mentally ill" people from purchasing weapons, prohibit persons under the age of 21 from buying guns, and outlaw so-called bump stocks that make it possible for semi-automatic weapons to fire faster.

An unknown figure this time last year, having only ever played in low-key games at pubs and his local casino in Hull, [John] Hesp made history in July by entering the game's most prestigious tournament - the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas - finishing fourth out of 7,220 entrants, and winning $2.6 million. ... "It's just something that was on my bucket-list for ages. My aim was to finish in the top 1,000 and have some fun. "I'm not a seasoned player playing four or five times a week - it was once a month at my local casino in Hull on a £10 buy-in. So to progress to £2m and international poker superstardom almost overnight has been a proper fairy tale."

Enterprise Holdings, which operates three major rental car companies, has dropped its partnership with NRA. The company offered discounts to card carrying members of the NRA. The First National Bank of Omaha has also announced it will stop issuing an NRA Visa Card. The announcements come after a teenager used an assault rifle to kill 17 students at a Florida high school last week. Think Progress has gathered a list of companies that support the NRA. read more

President Trump's one-time campaign aide Richard Gates is expected to plead guilty in the special counsel's criminal case against him, setting up the potential for Gates to become the latest well-informed Trump insider to assist in the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential contest, according to sources close to the matter. The potential for a guilty plea could dramatically change the dynamics in the investigation, just one day after special counsel Robert Mueller added a raft of new financial and tax charges to the criminal case against Gates and his longtime colleague, Paul Manafort.


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