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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Patrick Caddell, the political pollster who helped send an obscure peanut farmer named Jimmy Carter to the White House, later became disillusioned with fellow Democrats and finally veered to advise supporters of Donald J. Trump, died on Saturday in Charleston, S.C. He was 68. ... In 2016, he became a frequent commentator on Fox News and advised Stephen K. Bannon, who became President Trump's chief White House strategist, and Robert Mercer, a computer mogul and contributor to the Trump campaign.

Ever since Donald Trump's upset victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016, much of the media attention has been on how Democrats need to reconsider their strategy for winning voters in future elections, particularly Obama-to-Trump voters. But the results of the 2018 midterm elections suggest that Republicans have some soul-searching to do as well. They lost the popular vote in six of the last seven presidential elections and suffered battering losses in the House in 2018. Republican strategists must grapple with how to keep their party viable nationally, and our data suggests that Trumpism may continue to hurt them in the future. read more

The ability of AI to generate fake visuals is not yet mainstream knowledge, but a new website -- ThisPersonDoesNotExist.com -- offers a quick and persuasive education. The site is the creation of Philip Wang, a software engineer at Uber, and uses research released last year by chip designer Nvidia to create an endless stream of fake portraits. ... "Each time you refresh the site, the network will generate a new facial image from scratch," wrote Wang in a Facebook post. He added in a statement to Motherboard: "Most people do not understand how good AIs will be at synthesizing images in the future."

Special counsel Robert Mueller's team has interviewed White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, she told CNN on Friday. "The President urged me, like he has everyone in the administration, to fully cooperate with the special counsel. I was happy to voluntarily sit down with them," Sanders said in response to a question from CNN.

Friday, February 15, 2019

The Supreme Court's 2018-2019 term will end with a bang. In a brief order issued after the justices' private conference, the court announced this afternoon that it will review a challenge to the Trump administration's decision to add a question about citizenship to the 2020 census. The court will take up the case and hear oral argument in the dispute -- without following the normal procedure and waiting for a federal appeals court to weigh in first -- in late April.


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