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Thursday, January 03, 2019

It's often said politics in the U.S. is more polarized than ever. There's no question many Americans bring hardened, subjective views to the news ... Rolling Stone contributing editor and writer Matt Taibbi agrees, arguing in his new book that it's really the news media that's got us at each other's throats ... "I just think increasingly we've gotten to a place where we are so financially incentivized to wind up our audiences, and this is true across the political spectrum, that we've created a situation where audiences are permanently upset, agitated and they're addicted to content that is just going to make them angrier," Taibbi said ... He's writing the book, "Hate, Inc.: How, and Why, the Press Makes Us Hate One Another," in serial form, released to subscribers of the San Francisco-based web site Substack. read more

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Mike Lofgren: I recently attended a conference at the Niskanen Center. It was a think tank gabfest at which the participants were disillusioned conservatives hoping to chart a course toward a saner political center-right. Jonathan Chait did a near-ecstatic write-up of the meeting and its promise of a conservative movement with fewer XYY chromosomes. Jeet Heer was less optimistic ... They were almost uniformly nostalgic about the early 1980s, when most of them turned to the Republican Party ... Back then, there was intellectual ferment on the Right, and the GOP was the party of ideas. But what were those ideas when considered in the cold light of empirical reality rather than soft-focus nostalgia? read more

One of the big stories of the 2018 midterm election was the Democratic mini-wave in the Great Lakes region, where the party flipped governorships in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan -- pickups that suggest the party might recover its footing in the industrial heartland in 2020 ... But if we're lucky, the midterm results signal something much broader and more transformative than just better prospects for Democrats in the next presidential election. They signal an era in which the Midwest will lead the nation in creating a strong, sustainable economy. read more

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

In 2016, working class voters fired a clear message at America's establishment about the economic and social catastrophe that has slowly crippled their communities ... Washington's elites now grasp that these problems exist but few understand their own complicity in gutting our labor markets and the extent of the damage that has wrought on working class lives ... In 'The Once and Future Worker', the Manhattan Institute's policy wunderkind Oren Cass reveals how decades of bad decision-making in Washington -- and not the supposedly uncontrollable and inevitable forces of technology and globalization -- led to disaster for America's job markets. read more

Monday, December 24, 2018

In an effort to understand how Google search algorithms work, a Democratic congresswoman asked the tech company's chief executive a simple question: "If you Google the word 'idiot' under images, a picture of Donald Trump comes up. How would that happen? How does search work so that that would occur?" In the middle of a congressional hearing ostensibly about privacy and data collection, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-California) seemed to perform that search from the dais. As it turns out, the image results for "idiot" does reveal a page of mostly Trump photos. read more


Clownshack and IndyJones have it right, most everyone else in this thread has it wrong ...

And I'm pretty sure me and Clownshack disagree about Hillary, but that's all beside the point, which is okay.

And look who's the most popular Senator ... www.drudge.com ... and this comes with Bernie being the most popular politician in America ... www.vice.com

Most importantly ...

Despite data to the contrary, the media continues to distort Sanders' politics and the diversity of his supporters

A recent CNN poll shows that among potential Democratic candidates in Iowa caucuses Senator Bernie Sanders has the highest approval rating from people of color.

And the diversity of the Sanders-inspired left was on display at the Sanders Institute Gathering in Burlington Vermont earlier this month, which I covered on my podcast, The Katie Halper Show.

But empirical evidence has not stopped much of the corporate press -- including many "liberal" or "progressive" outlets and commentators -- from condemning the senator as having "a race problem."

Most politicians could "do better," when it comes to addressing and speaking about racial inequities, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and classism.

The duplicitous Bernie Bro smear

Former executive director of National Nurses United and of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, Roseann DeMoro does not mince words when describing the dishonesty of the latter group.

"I was just talking to Susan Sarandon," she explains.

"We were all accused of being Bernie Bros. It's to delegitimize us. It's a lie. It's a duplicitous, ugly, malicious, horrendous, calculated lie. It's a calculated lie by the DNC. It's a PR campaign masquerading as politics."

There's a reason why Bernie is popular, though you wouldn't know it according to the political media hacks that bring us the political "news".

Taxing the rich is very popular ...

This rich guy is all about taxing rich people ...

Ocasio-Cortez's 70% tax plan gets fierce response, but even Warren Buffett says rich should pay more


In a 2011 piece Buffett penned in the New York Times titled "Stop Coddling the Super-Rich, " he called for a raise on taxes for everyone making more than $1 million. He called for an even more severe tax hike on those making more than $10 million or more.

"I know well many of the mega-rich and, by and large, they are very decent people. They love America and appreciate the opportunity this country has given them. Many have joined the Giving Pledge, promising to give most of their wealth to philanthropy. Most wouldn't mind being told to pay more in taxes as well, particularly when so many of their fellow citizens are truly suffering,"

Buffett wrote in the Times. "My friends and I have been coddled long enough by a billionaire-friendly Congress. It's time for our government to get serious about shared sacrifice."

Also, Buffett says he has not seen higher tax rates discourage investment. "People invest to make money, and potential taxes have never scared them off," Buffett writes in the Times.

We're the richest country in the world and we keep doling out trillions of dollars of free taxpayer money millionaires and billionaires and corporations already making record profits, yet we as a country argue over foodstamps ...

With the world's largest economy pulling an annual ~ $18 trillion GDP and we can't afford single-payer healthcare and free college tuition because we must coddle rich douchebags at all costs, literally.

Drudge Retort

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