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Sunday, September 15, 2019

For affluent, white-collar Americans, higher learning is something close to sacred. We bask in the sunshine of enlightenment that prestige universities radiate and we speak of them in the language of dreams, of religious veneration.

But now comes Daniel Markovits, a professor at Yale Law School, to tell us that far from solving economic inequality, higher education is one of the central forces driving our yawning class divide.

Top universities are the central but not only element of what Markovits calls "The Meritocracy Trap."

On the surface, meritocracy seems fair, but in reality, Markovits writes, what we call merit is "a pretense, constructed to rationalize an unjust distribution of advantage." ... It is "a mechanism for the concentration and dynastic transmission of wealth, privilege and caste across generations."

The results are ugly but undeniable. read more

Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Hill | Published on Sep 13, 2019

SNAP POLL: Yang, Warren, Sanders, in lead after debate.

Krystal Marie Ball is an American journalist, politician, and news talk anchor on The Hill's news program Rising with the Hill's Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti. She is also a businesswoman and certified public accountant. read more

Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Jimmy Dore Show | Published on Sep 12, 2019 read more

"Bernie" Sanders, the Brooklyn-Vermont "democratic socialist" who takes the debate stage Thursday night as one of the three leading candidates to become the Democratic Party's presidential nominee.

Sanders is at a disadvantage. He's not the Establishment Favorite - that would be Joe Biden - and he's not the Surging Insurgent, Elizabeth Warren.

He is, instead, The Exact Same Guy He Was Last Time - a fiery leftist who has a substantial, if not primary-majority-size, base of committed supporters who believe in his ambitious plans to bring justice to a "rigged" society by sticking it to the damn fat cats.

A Sanders presidency would, guaranteed, involve an attempt to raise taxes on top earners in order to institute single-payer universal health coverage and make college free. read more


"To see Maher, Steele, and Joe FREAKING Scarborough whining about Trump in exactly the same way is very telling."

Yeah, it tells us that they know more about politics than you fools.


Thomas Frank agrees with me and disagrees with you ...

Thomas Frank: Meritocracy is driving America's Class Divide

You think think that your credentials, your tax bracket, and your idea of merit and professional status supersedes reality.

And you'd be wrong, dawg.

Democrats may very well win in 2020, even win with a candidate not named Bernie Sanders -- but unless Democrats actually advocate for working and middle-class voters in concrete terms, and get behind candidates who speak to those things, Dems will lose more often than they win.

You need to listen to people like Krystal Ball, Thomas Frank, Matt Taibbi, Jimmy Dore, etc.

Per the article ...

The book's most unfortunate blind spot is the past.

Markovits asserts that the oligarchic situation we are in today has "no historical precedent," by which he seems to mean there has never been a social order in which the people on top were there because they worked so hard and thus appeared to deserve what they had.

However, the idea that the economy rewards the able and the diligent " and that therefore the successful deserve their riches " is one of the oldest and most familiar of American illusions.

I bring this up because if we're going to do something about inequality, we need to recall that this country has confronted seemingly merit-based class systems before, and we have seen through their falsehoods, and we have taken them apart.

Until that day arrives, we have this book, which forcefully interrupts the comfortable bath of self-flattery in which our well-graduated professionals pass their hours.

We are so enlightened, they tell one another; we care so very much; we wish we knew whom to blame for our toxic, embittered society " and Markovits drags them to the mirror and bids them open their eyes.

America is in it's SECOND Gilded Age, which is what Thomas Frank is reminding us without using that phrase ...

And as we see now, with Democrats arguing what is the best way to beat Trump, we have yet to hear in concrete terms how to deal with class warfare ...

While Warren will at least mention class warfare ... www.c-span.org

Bernie wants to fully push back ... [no link, just go to Bernie's website]

Ex-MSNBC Host Krystal Ball Bashes Former Network for Russia Hype': Way Out From What Journalistic Facts Said'

Maher had questions for each of his guests, and started with Ball, asking, "Do you feel networks like MSNBC ... help or hurt progressive causes?"

"Overall, I think MSNBC in the Trump era had done real damage to the left and I'll tell you why," Ball began her answer.

"Damage?" interjected a surprised Maher.

Ball explained. "I mean look, the Russia story and what happened there was important. But it was not all-important. And they went so far into the realm of conspiracy theorizing, I mean they had Jonathan Chait on.."

"Well it was a conspiracy," interrupted Maher.

" ... they had Jonathan Chait on to talk about how Trump may have been a Russian plant since 1987," Ball continued.

"He may have been," said Maher.

"This is ridiculous, okay. This is way out from what journalistic facts said, and it's to the exclusion of other stories that people actually care about," she said.

She listed a number of issues and said "they don't get focus when you only look at one thing."

"They built up expectations so much that when the report came out you were like, oh, it's no big deal. And it was a big deal," said Ball.

Fellow guestBari Weissadded "I agree, it was like anything short of a pee tape was nothing."


"This is what America needs again, a return to Republicans being like Democrats, when Democrats actually stood for working and middle-class Americans."

And you think that that's gonna happen by playing to the coasts and ignoring states with more moderate Dems? Seriously?

And don't bother posting polls showing this or that unless there's state by state information that's solid.


Here's an example of Republicans trying to be like Democrats when Democrats were actual leaders in American politics ...

Republican Party Platform of 1956

We are proud of and shall continue our far-reaching and sound advances in matters of basic human need -- expansion of social security -- broadened coverage in unemployment insurance -- improved housing"and better health protection for all our people.

We are determined that our government remain warmly responsive to the urgent social and economic problems of our people.

Click on the link and you'll even see Republicans BRAGGING about ...

- How the GOP strengthened social security -- SS is prominently mentioned 6 times
- How Republicans willingly worked with Labor -- mentioned 5 times
- How Republicans supported unions and collective bargaining -- mentioned 4 times

It's these issues that make up the overwhelmingly majority of working and middle-class voters that ... oh, I don't know ... win elections.

You're the one who is out of touch.

Jesus H dude. If you're this checked out and off in la la land, just stop espousing political opinions.

Everything Steele said was spot on. If it makes you feel better, look away from the screen and play the video super slow or super fast so you can't tell it's him.

I honestly never thought that somebody would be so resistant to the obvious reality that one has to play by EC rules to win the WH.

It's almost as if you want to lose just to feel that rush of maintaining a righteous cause. "But but but we won the popular vote!" *stamps feet*


Steele brags about being a Republican for 41 years, which coincides with the rise of corporate power and the diminished power of working and middle-class representation in both America's politics and in Congress -- no wonder Michael Steele hates people like Bernie Sanders.

You're the one who is out of touch.

Maybe you should talk to people who work for a living in areas of the country that were deindustrialized by policies that overwhelmingly favored corporate and big business interests at the expense of ordinary working Americans ...

All of course championed by Republicans like Michael Steel and "central Democrats" that you obviously think are really swell.

The above video shows a convergence of people like Michael Steele and Bill Maher advocating for the same thing, which is the economic status quo despite their own self-identified labels of "conservative" and "liberal" -- this is what class warfare looks like with ever mentioning the words "class warfare", and it's sickening to watch.

At least there's people like Krystal Ball who'll do their best to shovel crap against the tide.

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