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They don't need a physical "fence line," all they really need is the GPS coordinates of the "virtual fence line" they should patrol.

ummmm yea....


I dunno... gets to be 112 deg in the shade in Texas and probably 170 deg inside the
KILL_bots brain box. All it takes is a cheap Chinese cooling fan to stop spinning to get that famous "blue screen of death".

Without a fence War_Bots could decide to jump over the border becoming accidental tourists in Mexico killing animals and humans as they went along.

Somehow, I would think the Mexican Government and Mexicans in general might be slightly miffed by actions of GRINGO_bot tourista's. But that's just my guess...

Who knows, they might even be willing to even pay to finish the wall just to keep wandering YANQI_bots from America to stay inside American borders where they belong. But again, that's my guess...



Need I say more???

Drudge Retort

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