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Hang on, and back to the subject... Joe Girardi is considered among the best managers in the game. He will be in another uniform as a manager for a Solid franchise within a week after the World Series.

Now, Yankee Baseball YES TV is a 3 billion Doller deal. Dodgers TV deal is huge.

So here. Check it out: www.aol.com

NFL income 13 Billion per yr. MLB is second at 9.5 Billion per year. Words have meanings. When you say "No one watches Baseball" you are trying to convey exactly what? Stop talking like a 12 yr old girl. If somehow a thread about Joe Girardi getting bounced as Yankee Manager moves you to say 'NFL makes 13 Billion and MLB makes only 9.5 Billion so they are better", that's one thing, not much of a thing, nothing to do with anything in the thread, but we would maybe know what you meant. But when you blurt out "Nobody watches Baseball", Tourette's style, and think you have made some kind of universally coded and understood point... yeah...no. No you didnt.

I have no idea what that was supposed to mean, please do explain what you were trying to say. And what it had to do with Baseball managers and their employment situations

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