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Here's a positive side of a weak US dollar:

"There are other benefits to a weaker dollar for large U.S. exporters. ... If the dollar stays consistently weak for extended periods of time, U.S. multinationals may also be compelled to keep more manufacturing and production operations in the U.S., because the cost of foreign goods can be higher."
How U.S. Firms Benefit When The Dollar Falls - Investopedia

"Prices on imported goods rise. Consumers must pay more for imports and foreign travelers may need to scale back a vacation because it is more expensive when the dollar is weak. However, a weak dollar also means our exports are more competitive in the global market, perhaps saving U.S. jobs in the process.Mar 21, 2017"
Strong Dollar vs. Weak Dollar: What Does it Mean? - The Balance

Like anything in economics [and life] there are pros and cons, but as you can see, it is not all 'bad news'.

Drudge Retort

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