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#28 | POSTED BY SPEAKSOFTLY AT 2017-11-20 02:14 PM | FLAG: I do not gloat, just state fact that I am proud of. I've never had anything handed to me in life, worked hard and earned what I have and do the best I can to increase net worth as my wife is 10 years younger than me, assume I'll probably die before her, and want to ensure she is fiscally comfortable in her old age. As for you hating Wall Street, there are 'socially conscious' funds you can invest in.

Took a lot to get where I am at. Married in early 20s and as a young buck sergeant at stationed McGuire AFB, NJ, I worked two part-time jobs on the side [70* hours for over two years straight!] to pay for her nursing degree so that we would have no loan debt. Not being able to take leave due to that I was able to sell back two months accumulated leave when I reenlisted, which was the beginnings of savings. Of course also did the big jar of change rolled and deposited once a year. It was years later that I learned about the stock market and what it to do for one. Almost every car I've owned was kept for 9 to 11 years, only replacing when not worth sinking more money into them.

Also made many dumb mistakes such as not finishing my degree until after retiring - had I finished in by late 20s to early 30s [which I could have] I could have gone commissioned and had a much higher officer's retirement pay. Another fiscal mistake was turning down E-8 which I had been selected for but since I was 40 decided instead to retire to do something different - dumb move as I gave up a higher retirement pay had I accepted the promotion.

Smart moves? We decided not to have children right away and I was 30 when he was born [more fiscally settled with only debt being a car payment]. Also, always being a two income family, then and with my current spouse,.was also good.

I have known and do know those who are dirt poor and I have known and know a few millionaires. I have regrets in life, but not many as even the bad decisions were my decisions which I can life with. Also, have never felt envy for those who have been more successful in life and can never understand those who are envious.

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