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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Following a barrage of negative responses, the Mississippi Department of Revenue deleted a tweet Thursday about Gen. Robert E. Lee's birthday. The agency posted a tweeted saying it would be closed Monday in observance of Martin Luther King Day and the birthday of the Confederate general. read more

Friday, January 18, 2019

Rep. Jason Smith (R-Mo.) apologized to Rep. Tony Cárdenas (D-Calif.) on Thursday after he yelled "Go back to Puerto Rico!" as Cárdenas waited to speak on the House floor. Smith had his outburst after Congress had adjourned and lawmakers were arguing over a bill to fund the government through the end of next month. Cárdenas said at first, it wasn't clear who shouted, and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) scolded his colleagues, saying, "I would hope that we could refrain from any implications that have any undertones of prejudice or racism or any kind of -ism that would diminish the character and integrity of one of our fellow members."

Two sheriff's deputies in Wake County, N.C., say they were fired in retaliation for reporting homophobic, transphobic comments by a colleague – and that colleague has now been promoted. The fired officers, Gray Speight and Steven Williamson, who both held the rank of master deputy, said that in a diversity training session in 2017, Lt. Teddy Patrick said that if he were called to a home where a man was wearing a dress, he wouldn't go into the house, Raleigh TV station WRAL reports. Patrick also said he did not like gay people but could work with them. "It was very unprofessional being that he was a lieutenant and a teacher," Williamson told the station. Speight added, ""He was making statements that were just inappropriate." They also said Patrick outed a gay deputy in the class. Notes from an internal sheriff's department investigation showed that in another training session, Patrick told an Asian employee "that he bet she was good with chopsticks," WRAL reports.

Friday, January 11, 2019

A week ago, I kicked off a "roses for Pelosi" effort, seeking to raise money to send 10,000 roses to our newly reminted speaker of the House. When the final tally was made, we had enough to send TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND. With a herculean team effort, we managed to find a wholesaler to procure that many roses in a week, and a florist to prep them. I then flew to D.C. to be on hand for the delivery. Of course, 25,000 roses were too many for any congressional office, even Pelosi's. So we ended up having 8,000 delivered to the Capitol, and the rest we diverted -- at the suggestion of the speaker's office -- to Walter Reed Medical Center. I spent a good part of the morning moving crates of roses up to Pelosi's second-story office (a great workout!), thankful that we didn't have the full 25,000 to move!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

When a Gaston County teenager went missing in 2015, Lowell police officer Paul Blair was assigned to her case. First he found the 13-year-old, a new court document says, then he began showing up at her home late at night, bringing candy and giving her rides in his patrol car. Blair, a husband and father, told the girl's parents he wanted to be their daughter's mentor. Instead, he began having sex with her in his patrol car while still on duty and wearing his uniform, the court document says.


Try this:


When the song says "down" squat.

Hold your position until it says "up."

Do this with weights or just use your own body weight.

If you aren't currently active enjoy your DOMS in the morning.

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