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"I don't know of any conservatives who think regulations prohibiting the dumping of toxic materials into rivers is a bad thing, or regulations requiring the employment of scrubbers in smoke stacks or catalytic converters in cars.
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8. Coal Ash Disposal

Just over a month elapsed between when EPA unveiled its long-awaited plan to regulate the hazardous ash from coal-fired power plants and when Congress took its first whack. The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Environment and Economy held a hearing last month in which Chairman John Shimkus said the rule would "unavoidably lead to an unpredictable array of regulatory interpretations." By not designating coal ash as hazardous, EPA did win some favor with Republicans (while angering the green community), but critics are still eyeing legislation that would give states more power to craft disposal plans under minimum federal standards.

9. Stream Buffer Zone Rule

The House last year passed a bill from Rep. Bill Johnson of Ohio that would block the administration from rewriting a 2008 rule protecting streams from waste from mountaintop-removal coal mining projects. Riders blocking the rule have also been attached to recent appropriations bills and Appalachian Republicans are likely to keep up pressure, arguing that the rule would curtail mining projects in their states. The Obama administration in December tossed the 2008 guidelines -- passed under President George W. Bush -- after a 2014 court decision struck them down, but the Interior Department is said to be working on a new rule.


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