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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

It's been a while since I posted a thread of my own on the DR. Recently, I read that a lot of Republicans are now justifying their support for Donald Trump by pointing out that he has appointed a lot of conservative judges, even if nothing else. Makes me wonder. Just how awful a president does Trump have to be such that appointing people right-wingers ideologically agree with is not enough to outweigh the damage being wrought? Does appointing conservatives to the bench outweigh betraying our nation and our elections to Russia? Does it outweigh tanking the economy? Does it outweigh willingly engaging in criminal conduct to make money for family and cronies through underhanded deals with foreign nations? Does it outweigh slashing support for the genuinely neediest people in our society? Does it outweigh pouring gasoline on racial issues throughout this nation, from immigration to law enforcement to gerrymandering to White Supremacy? read more

Semantic satiation is the phenomenon in which a word or phrase is repeated so often it loses its meaning. But it also becomes something ridiculous, a jumble of letters that feels alien on the tongue and reads like gibberish on paper. "Thoughts and prayers" has reached that full semantic satiation. In the hours and days after a teenager shot and killed 17 people last week at his former high school in Parkland, Florida, "thoughts and prayers" was trending on social platforms. It wasn't the good kind of trending. Among the earnest pleas for social and legislative action were more and more memes and cynical jokes. In one highly-shared image, "Thoughts and Prayers" is imprinted on the side of a garbage truck. Another meme shows an empty van. "Excellent news," it reads. "The first truckload of your thoughts and prayers has just arrived." Jokes, mere hours after a deadly shooting? To the voices behind the dark humor, the persistence of "thoughts and prayers" is the real joke.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Trump supporters share more fake news on social media than any other political group, according to a new study from Oxford University. Researchers studied more than 13,000 Twitter users and 47,000 Facebook pages in the days leading up to President Donald Trump's State of the Union Address to determine which social media users spread the most "junk" news. They discovered that Trump supporters on Twitter shared more unreliable news than all other groups combined. On Facebook, extreme conservatives share more junk news than all other audiences put together. The researchers defined "junk news" as "misleading, deceptive or incorrect information purporting to be real news about politics, economics or culture". A team of 12 researchers coded news stories to determine which sites were likely to broadcast this kind of news. The final list included sites like Breitbart News and InfoWars. read more

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

We almost lost our country last fall. America was unwittingly on the precipice of becoming a nation whose government was willing to go to illegal and devious lengths to maintain the status quo. I believe that the information that will be forthcoming in the next few weeks will be both astonishing and frightening to the American public, information that was never meant to see the light of day, much less the scrutiny of the American people. I believe there will be irrefutable evidence of collusion among the upper echelons of the Democratic Party, actually denying any candidate except Hillary Clinton a chance to be their presidential candidate. I believe there will be evidence of the same people and their Democrat puppets in Congress to foist a false dossier, undocumented, totally unsubstantiated and paid for by the Democrats, on the American public aided by their serfs in the media that would falsely tie Donald Trump,... read more

Thursday, January 11, 2018

I met Steve Bannon for the first time in September 2013 at the so-called Breitbart Embassy on Capitol Hill in Washington. I had spent the better part of the previous seven years working for Republican members of Congress before making the leap to start my own public relations firm. Like anyone starting a business, I was eager to find clients. In Breitbart I had a media platform at my disposal to attract a stable. Before that meeting, I had never met or even heard of Steve, and so I approached it with an open mind. But as I would come to learn over the course of two years working with him closely, his character and temperament made his stunning fall over the past few days inevitable. In that first meeting, Steve described his ambitious vision for Breitbart. He wanted to seize on the social media revolution to create a central digital destination for conservatives. read more


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