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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Radio host Howard Stern says that his advice to President Donald Trump is to "get the f*** out" of the White House. Stern frequently hosted Mr Trump on his radio program when he was a reality television star, when they would talk about the future president's sex life and celebrities.

Stern, who says he is not an "insider" with Mr Trump, nevertheless acknowledges that he had a personal relationship with Mr Trump and considered him a friend. Related Searches Howard SternIs Howard Stern Live TodayMemet Howard SternHoward Stern Show "I was watching the news. They said that the president calls his friends and asks advice," Stern said on his SiriusXM radio show after a discussion of adult film actress Stormy Daniels' allegations that she had an affair with Mr Trump that the president's team later tried to cover up just before the 2016 election.

"He's never once called me and asked for advice," Stern continued. "Which kind of got me a little upset".

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A 21-year-old journalist is making headlines in Pakistan by becoming the country's first transgender news anchor. Pakistan's social networks were abuzz following Marvia Malik's first on-air appearance on the March 23 and in the days since she's gone viral across Facebook and Twitter, with many lauding the move as progress for transgender rights in Pakistan. Malik, a trainee anchor at Lahore-based channel Kohenoor News, is pleased with the attention that she's received but insists more needs to be done when it comes to improving the lives of Pakistan's transgender community. A graduate of journalism from Punjab University, Malik told CNN she applied for the position since she wanted to prove that people from the transgender community "are capable of any job, and can do anything they want."

Monday, March 26, 2018

Donald Trump's alleged extramarital affairs before he became president have been big news recently, and there's one common thread in both allegations: The now-president reportedly told women he wanted to sleep with that they reminded him of his daughter. First, CNN aired an interview with Karen McDougal, a former Playbοy model who claims that she had a 10-month affair with Trump in 2006. During that time, McDougal says Trump compared her with his daughter, Ivanka Trump. "He's very proud of Ivanka, as he should be," McDougal told Anderson Cooper in the interview. "She's a brilliant woman, she's beautiful, you know, that's his daughter and he should be proud of her. He said I was beautiful like her and, you know, ‘you're a smart girl.' There wasn't a lot of comparing, but there was some. I heard a lot about her." read more

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

No one knows for certain how many Iraqis have died as a result of the invasion 15 years ago. Some credible estimates put the number at more than one million. You can read that sentence again. The invasion of Iraq is often spoken of in the United States as a "blunder," or even a "colossal mistake." It was a crime. Those who perpetrated it are still at large. Some of them have even been rehabilitated thanks to the horrors of Trumpism and a mostly amnesiac citizenry. (A year ago, I watched Mr. Bush on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," dancing and talking about his paintings.) The pundits and "experts" who sold us the war still go on doing what they do. I never thought that Iraq could ever be worse than it was during Saddam's reign, but that is what America's war achieved and bequeathed to Iraqis.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Hostility to the opposition party and its candidates has now reached a level where loathing motivates voters more than loyalty. ... Candidates and incumbents, [Shanto] Iyengar and [Masha] Krupenkin continue, "are less likely to be sanctioned for demonstrating incompetence, dishonesty and unethical behavior." To make their point, the authors cite Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for Senate in Alabama last December, pointing out that under partisan conditions "a candidate accused of molesting teenage children is able to attract 91 percent of the vote from his copartisans." What explains the extraordinary level of support for Moore, not only from Republican voters but also from the larger population of white Alabamians, at 68 percent, and conservatives, at 83 percent? They can't all have been happy with their candidate, but a partial answer can be found in a study published last month, "One Tribe to Bind Them All: How Our Social Group Attachments Strengthen Partisanship," by Lilliana Mason and Julie Wronski, political scientists at the University of Maryland and the University of Mississippi. read more


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