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As an investor, my money is on China. When American companies moved out of China into Vietnam, chasing cheaper labor, China started refitting their factories with robotics. At that point, I thought America would move into automated manufacturing. The American market did not. Then Trump won. That's when I bailed. I dumped my 401k and other monies into Amazon and the Chinese market. However, I'm watching closely Amazon's relationship with India. If Bezos pulls out of China completely, China only has Alibaba and JT Holdings. and they need to catch on to the overseas market.

If Trump continues the tariff wars, America's going to lose their shirts. Coffee, pork futures... American products are going to tank miserably. Google it. We've been warned since 2014. Google the ---- storm that maybe coming our way from the Brazilian - Chinese trade agreements.

They call me an "angry white man hating minority." I just believe what y'all tell me... through your actions. I actually studied history and civics. I saw what you did to one another, like killing JFK. I saw what you did to colored people. You're no better than Al-qaeda; you'd string up black men, women and children on trees and burn them alive. The difference between you and al-Qaeda is the color of the victim; when al-Qaeda did it to the white man, that was "evil." When the white American male did it to the colored man, that was ok. In fact, you made it a family picnic. Sometimes, you hung a "n" after attending Sunday church. Listen to Strange Fruit by Nina Simone.

Somehow, "white Jesus" said it was OK to murder as long it wasn't a white person. "White Jesus" also said it was OK to have a black mistress, even though she was married. A white man would drive his car into black side of town and "honk" his horn in front of a black man's house. He was known as a "-----;" a white man came calling a black man's wife. She was forced to suck his ---- for free while her husband waited inside the house with the children (Listen to I Loves You Porgy by Nina Simone.). That black man was known as a cuckold. If he did anything, he'd get visited by the ----- and his friends in the middle of the night. The house would get burned down and the whole family hung.

BTW, LBJ was a democrat. He only used the black man for his purposes. He was no better than a republican. The American politician sees itself way above the common person. Even the founders of this country saw themselves above the farmers of the land. That's why they created the electoral college. This is why we'll never see the abolishing the electoral college; it works both ways. American politics was rigged from its conception. Trumpian politics is not by any means unique. Read The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism. by Doris Kearns Goodwin.

It really isn't any wonder why y'all devour each other. Hell, you even screw over your own senior citizens for money. Look at the nursing home scams in New York State, where the moderate democrats and the republicans collude to rape the medicare system and warehouse their seniors and disabled.

First off, abstinence does work. People don't want it to work. Now you think I'm going to rag on women, right? No.

It's men's fault we have abortion in this country. Keep your dick in your pants and you won't have pregnancy problems. It's all about sperm control. Keep your dick in your pants, and you won't get any STDs. Just--------. Really if men thought about it in terms of consequences (outside of religion), we'd be ok.

I have one daughter. That's it. Where the hell do you guys are getting women pregnant and then complain about child support? My daughter is 26 and I haven't had those problems one iota. Why? When calculating the cost of children from conception to 18 (21 in some states if they choose to go to college), a MAN has to pay out the as$ for the upkeep of each child. And if he's not married, the financial drain is beyond his means.

Once men relinquish dick/sperm control, women can do whatever the fucqk they want. It's their body. But men have first choice.

NOW, I'm going too rag on women. I don't know who told you women you have a right to my money? You want men to care for you but then you play these control games. Let me let you in on a secret, if you do the math, starting at seven billion people living at any given time in the world, subtracting old women, children, and men, let us say we have 1 billion women left in the world. Out of that billion, take out married women, you'd still have millions of single women available women on the planet.

How do you figure you have ----- control? ----- is -----. If you implement a sex strike while I pay your bills, I'm going to kick you to the curb. Plain and simple. Men can find ----- anywhere. But what is in demand (and rare) today is a man with with a good paying job and a bank full of cheddar. The man that has a good paying job and a bank full of cheddar has ----- control.

Now all ----- is not quality -----. Men, you want cheap -----, you're going to get what you pay for. Classy clean ----- comes with an expensive price tag.

Men have ----- control as long as he can bankroll the upkeep of it. Any man can buy a Yugo, but not all men can maintain a Bentley.

Look at Jeff Bezos. Even after a divorce, he's still worth 168 billion in liquid assets. He doesn't ask how much things cost. He's got it no matter the price.

Alyssa Milano is not even a speck in Bezos' universe.

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