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Too late on the upswing, Dayton! Lima, Ohio beat you to the punch. (read the testimonials on the bottom right of the page. My ex-wife begged me not to travel through Lima at night. Lori don't beg anyone.

As a consumer, I am always for more bang for my buck. As a small business owner, I retooled and I thrived. The problem with most American businesses is that they make business into something personal when it's not. Business is business. Businesses are in the business of making money. Period. If the time comes that you must retool your widget factory to churn out gadgets now, as long as it's profitable, so be it. Who gives a ----- how you make a profit? If you were a master wheel craftsman for the horse and buggy, you had to make an adjustment when Ford churned out its first automobile. Otherwise, you close your doors and died in poverty. If you're not making money growing corn, switch to soy.

Even if you're an individual, you are your own brand. If life as a correctional officer isn't cutting it, cut your losses and learn coding. I don't gaf if America is lacking coders; that only means that at least one of those STEM paychecks are mine. I don't gaf how many people are on H1B work visas, one of those paychecks are mine. I don't care how many "advantage scores" SATs are giving out, one of those STEM checks are mine. Why? Because technology will never go away. And in 1993, I called it right. I retired early in my 40's. Heck, do you know how easy it is for me to get a week's stay at a hotel? Every business has computers, and every system has a bad operator who doesn't know what their doing. I ask for the owner and make a deal with him. I fix his computer problem for a weeks lodging at his hotel. An hour later, I'm done. He's happy and I'm balling.

Drudge Retort

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