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Yeah sure Saccone, this guy really hates America:
Conor James Lamb is an American attorney, former federal prosecutor, a United States Marine

The reality is that Democrats are having tremendous success enlisting excellent candidates. People who have contributed significantly to America and their local communities are seeking out Democratic nominations so that they can run to unseat Republicans and Trump supporters. In particular the influx of veterans as candidates and the surprising defection of prosecutors from traditionally the R side to D tickets is notable, and disarming these jingoistic and/or "law and order" attacks on Democrats which had been a staple of R politics for generations.

The Koch/Ryan Republicans spent the last couple of decades recruiting state office candidates from the chamber of commerce and/or evangelical crowd. Those types of people aren't resonating with voters having failed to deliver meaningfully on policy promises. Trying to change the conversation to chickenhawking actual veterans isn't going to play, not even in the reddest districts.

I try not to listen to any actual trump statements and just worry about policies, but I listened to this meeting because I feel the gravity of the issue as a parent with a child approaching school age. The most shocking moment for me was when he said to Feinstein at the end of the meeting that the AR15s were being bought and sold on the black market, so a ban wouldn't do any good. Feinstein has to explain that these weapons are being purchased by mass shooters legally. His staggering ignorance even of an issue he seems as engaged as he can really be is discouraging.

I hate that he is still pushing this arming teachers idea. About an hour before this meeting a teacher in Georgia opened fire in a classroom.

If we aren't going to get the assault weapons out of the general population, than my suggestion for protecting schools is you call up the national guard and deploy guardsmen and women as the armed deterrent on our public school campuses. You aren't going to win a combat engagement with an AR15 with a semi auto pistol in the hands of at best a recreational shooter teacher. If we need combat security at our schools then we need to rotate national guard troops with combat equipment and training to do this job. Quick f@#%#@ing around with the dirty harry fantasies.

I would be much more comfortable with my child getting used the sight of a couple of guardsman patrolling the school perimeter (keep them outside of the school unless there is an incident) than dealing with local PD or sheriffs. The Guardsman will have only one job, walk a perimeter, and in the event of a shooter, enter and engage. Otherwise they can be invisible from within the campus environment.

Dems are making a mistake here. Even if they can claim that every allegation in the Nunez memo is false or misleading, since the underlying source material won't get declassified voters are left deciding on their own which party to believe. By releasing a counter-memo the Dems are unfortunately bestowing an air of equivalence to the Nunez memo.

Ultimately the Nunez memo is meaningless. The Nunez memo doesn't vindicate anyone, provides no legal cover for obstruction and doesn't change the fact that the FISA court agreed 3 times to spy on Carter Paige as a foreign agent. Courts are also not required to disregard testimony or evidence from a "biased" source. Paid informants testify all the time. Cops generally as a rule have little or no regard for suspects and call them every name in the book in the course of personal communications and investigation. The court can consider bias, but ultimately, the information provided by a biased source can still be credible. That's the court's ultimate consideration. Is the information credible. The memo means nothing to anyone other than Trump, Hannity and Nunez and the base that was already on their side and aren't going to change their minds no matter what information is presented to them.

Dems should have left well enough alone here. The memo Nunez memo was opinion only, contradicted itself and well sourced reporting was doing a more than adequate job of rebutting without Dems letting themselves get pulled down onto a level playing field with Nunez.

Establishing false equivalence has been a core messaging strategy for the GOP for 20 years. That Dems haven't caught on is frustrating as hell.

His tag-line sounded better when Hillary said it...twice


And before anyone offers a monkey banging on a typewriter at random excuse for him plagiarizing his arch rival, this wasn't just a phrase in the speech. It was a tag line highlighted for reporters in the advance press materials for speech coverage. Because of the late hour that SOTU is given, major newspapers have to go to press often before the speech is delivered. The white house gives the press materials regarding the speech to prepare their stories for the next day. This phrase was apparently a highlighted point in that kit.

Either trumps speech writers are trolling him or this wentire administration is as lazy, stupid and dishonest as their master. (Hint: it's the latter)

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