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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The father of a victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre has won a defamation lawsuit against the authors of a book that claimed the shooting never happened -- the latest victory for victims' relatives who have been taking a more aggressive stance against conspiracy theorists. read more

Lawyers representing Sandy Hook families claim they were sent child pornography from Infowars host Alex Jones. The complaint was reviewed in Bridgeport Superior Court on Tuesday, where a judge ended up sanctioning Jones, saying he crossed a line.

Sandy Hook lawyers in the defamation case against the conspiracy theorist and radio host said the pornography was disclosed in emails sent over by Jones as part of the discovery process of the suit.

However, Jones said on his show on Friday, alongside his New Haven based attorney Norm Pattis, that he received emails containing child pornography from those who, he claims, attempted to frame him during the discovery process of the ongoing legal battle after he called the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting a hoax.

read more

... But Low Approval Holds Him Back.

Donald Trump enjoys a strong economy, a nation at relative peace, the advantage of incumbency and a well funded campaign -- assets that make him a good bet for re-election, even though most voters say they don't like him.

Set aside his sagging approval ratings, the Mueller report and other controversies that have surrounded Trump's Oval Office. The bottom line is that incumbent presidents seldom lose re-election, especially with a peacetime economy as strong as the U.S. presently enjoys.

And Trump has made clear that he wants voters thinking only of dollar signs when they go to the polls.

Opinion: "I love the poorly educated." So declared Donald Trump back in February 2016, after a decisive win in the Nevada primary. And the poorly educated love him back: Whites without a college degree are pretty much the only group among whom Trump has more than 50 percent approval. But in that case, why has Trump been unwilling to do anything, and I mean anything, to help the people who installed him in the White House? read more

Sunday, June 16, 2019

About to break records for the longest expansion, the U.S. economy sure looks like an asset for a president gearing up to seek re-election. read more


@#11 ... Miss Cleo makes more accurate forecasts than Always-Wrong Krugman ...

Btw, the full context of the exceprt you cite is:

Paul Krugman: The Economic Fallout

It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump, and markets are plunging. When might we expect them to recover?

Frankly, I find it hard to care much, even though this is my specialty. The disaster for America and the world has so many aspects that the economic ramifications are way down my list of things to fear.

Still, I guess people want an answer: If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never. ....

@#5 ... Taking away health care was another thing people want. ...

I disagree.

Taking away Obamacare is what the people wanted.

Unfortunately, what Pres Trump and the Republicans discovered was that Americans like Obamacare when it is not called Obamacare and the coverage it provides is discussed.

Indeed, here are Pres Trump's promises on healthcare when he was a candidate...

May 21, 2015
I'm not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid.

Sept 25, 2015
Everybody's got to be covered.

Feb 17, 2016
We're going to have great plans. They're going to be much less expensive and they're going to be much better.

Oct 25, 2016
You're going to have such great healthcare at a tiny fraction of the cost, and it is going to be so easy.

Nov 13, 2016
It will be better healthcare, much better for less money. Not a bad combination.

"We're going to have insurance for everybody ... There was a philosophy in some circles that if you can't pay for it, you don't get it. That's not going to happen with us."
-- Trump to the Washington Post in January 2017

"I'm not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I'm not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid."
-- Trump to the Daily Signal in May 2015

"Our healthcare plan will lower premiums & deductibles -- and be great healthcare!"
-- Trump tweet in May 2017

"We will immediately repeal and replace ObamaCare - and nobody can do that like me. We will save $'s and have much better healthcare!"
-- Trump tweet in February 2016

It wouldn't surprise me if we heard similar promises over the next year and a half...

Trump's Surprise Promise Of Mass Deportations ‘Next Week'

...The specifics of the ICE plan are unclear.

According to the Boston Globe, Trump's tweets were a reference to a secret White House plan to round up and deport undocumented immigrants in ten major U.S. cities.

The Associated Press reports, however, that an unnamed administration official said Trump's tweets referred to the one million undocumented immigrants who have final deportation orders but have not yet left the country....

In recent polls Pres Trump is just not getting the good news he craves...

Trump Has Gone Too Far on Immigration, Voters Say in Fox Poll

...Half of American voters say the Trump administration has gone too far on immigration enforcement, and optimism about the U.S. economy, while still high, has slipped over the past quarter as trade tensions ramp up, a Fox News poll shows.

The 50% who say enforcement of immigration laws has "gone too far" is more than double, 24%, those who say actions haven't gone far enough. About one in five say the measures are about right.

By a wide majority -- 73% to 24% -- Americans favor giving legal status to young people brought to the U.S. illegally as children, so-called Dreamers. Allocating more agents to the border was a more popular choice than imposing tariffs on Mexican imports or building a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border.

On tariffs, nearly eight in 10 of those polled had concerns that things they buy will be more expensive. More voters say tariffs hurt rather than help the U.S. economy, with 45% saying they hurt and 33% saying they help.

A majority, 57%, said they were optimistic about the U.S. economy. While still positive, that's down from 63% in February and 66% in January 2017, around the time of President Donald Trump's inauguration....


Goats are the main characters. You are the supporting cast.

This game is about running mind-blowing live action experiences for goats. You will act as director and storyteller, transporting the goats to an unforgettable dream world of mystery and magic, etc etc.

Goat Larp is one part larp, one part hangout-with-animals-and-take-silly-pictures. In some ways, we are roleplaying that this is a larp.

The Goat Larp Rulebook

Rule number 1 through 100 is BE NICE TO THE GOATS.

Your Character

Show up at the farm dressed as any character you want. You could be an elf, a steampunk, the mayor of space, Hulk Hogan, Darth Vader, whatever.

Your character has no knowledge of how you got to this mystical goat farm, but you can sense that these goats are IMPORTANT. They need to be entertained. You need to run a larp for them....

This bug is actually a serious problem if it gets inside you. Fortunately occurrence of being infected by it is considered to be rare.

Brain-Eating Amoeba

...It doesn't happen often. But most summers, several Americans -- usually healthy, young people -- suffer sudden, tragic deaths from a brain-eating amoeba....

The nose is the pathway of the amoeba, so infection occurs most often from diving, water skiing, or performing water sports in which water is forced into the nose. But infections have occurred in people who dunked their heads in hot springs or who cleaned their nostrils with neti pots filled with untreated tap water....

It takes two to 15 days for symptoms to appear after N. fowleri amoebas enter the nose. Death usually occurs three to seven days after symptoms appear. The average time to death is 5.3 days from symptom onset. Only a handful of patients worldwide have been reported to have survived an infection.

Trump says he read Mueller report, falsely claims it found "no collusion"

...In an exclusive interview with ABC News, President Trump told George Stephanopoulos that he read the Mueller report, but falsely claimed that it found there was "no collusion" between his campaign and Russia.

TRUMP: "He found no collusion, and he didn't find anything to do with obstruction because they made a ruling based on his findings and they said no obstruction.

STEPHANOPOULOS: "He didn't examine collusion, he laid out evidence of obstruction."

TRUMP: "Oh are you trying to say now there was collusion? Even though he said there is 'no collusion?'"

STEPHANOPOULOS: "He didn't say there is no collusion. He said he didn't look at collusion."

TRUMP: "George, the report said 'no collusion.'"

STEPHANOPOULOS: "Did you read the report?"

TRUMP: "Yes I did, and you should read it too."

Reality check, from the Mueller report:

In evaluating whether evidence about collective action of multiple individuals constituted a crime, we applied the framework of conspiracy law, not the concept of "collusion." In so doing, the Office recognized that the word "collud[ e]" was used in communications with the Acting Attorney General confirming certain aspects of the investigation's scope and that the term has frequently been invoked in public reporting about the investigation. But collusion is not a specific offense or theory of liability found in the United States Code, nor is it a term of art in federal criminal law.

So, Pres trump claims he read the Mueller report?

Based upon my reading of it, it is over 400 pages of dense fact-based text. Now Pres Trump expects me to believe he has read it, the same Pres Trump whose aides have had to change their presentations to contain more pictures because Pres trump doesn't like to read text.

Yet that Pres Trump wants me to believe that he read the over 400 pages of the Mueller report.

Will he ever stop his narcissistic prevarication?

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