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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Tech workers from Salesforce, Microsoft, Amazon and Google have been putting pressure on their CEOs to cut ties and end contracts with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, and other government agencies.

It's a rare occurrence for employees to tell their bosses to turn away business. But there is a growing concern among tech workers that the cutting-edge tools they create can be used in immoral ways. There's always been a kind of idealism undergirding the West Coast tech scene.

Todd Gitlin, a professor of sociology and communications at Columbia University, says "tech-utopianism" grew up out of the hippie movement in the 1960s and '70s.

"There was this dreamy ideology ... that when everybody had this stuff, they could use it for public good," he says.

Being a dairy farmer is an utterly tough slog in the best of times. Now they have plenty more beef.

Declining consumption, increased production and lower prices in the face of increased costs have already hit dairy farmers hard in upstate New York and elsewhere. Now they're facing competition from the big box stores.

Walmart, in an apparent quest to dominate its supply chain, has started producing its own milk, a development that has prompted Texas-based Dean Foods to cancel contracts with more than 100 farmers in eight states.

A top National Security Council official who skirmished with White House aide Stephen Miller and other immigration hardliners was forced out this week, the latest staffing change at the NSC since President Donald Trump named John Bolton his national security adviser in March. Jennifer Arangio, a senior director in the NSC division that deals with international organizations, was let go Thursday, according to a former White House official and a former NSC staffer. read more

Something for the Weekend, Sir? I don't like to do it sideways. I won't do it at any fancy angle. Call me conventional but what can I say? I'm a straight-talking kind of guy. How hard does it have to be to get a firm grip on it ... and hold it against the side of your face? Oh right.

Put that yoga manual down, you might have misunderstood my meaning. I was describing how I handle my mobile during a phone call: I lift it close to my cheek so that the tiny speaker near the top end roughly aligns with my ear, then speak normally so that the sensitive directional mic at the other end can pick up my verbal intonations while compressing background noise.

On occasion, I'll be wearing earphones, in which case the smartphone remains in my pocket, my lap, my left hand or wherever while I let the mic dangling against my jaw collect the vocal vibrations. Just recently, I have noticed that I have been doing it wrong all these years.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

The Federal Emergency Management Agency's warehouse on Puerto Rico was full of supplies for an event just like Hurricane Maria: a quarter-million meals, 718,370 liters of water, 4,422 cots and 13,272 tarps. But a new report says FEMA removed most of those supplies just days before Maria hit, sending them to the U.S. Virgin Islands, which had just been struck by Hurricane Irma. By Sept. 15, FEMA had taken out 90 percent of the bottled water, 61 percent of the meals and 100 percent of the tarps and cots from its warehouse. Five days later, Maria struck Puerto Rico, closing its ports and preventing FEMA from shipping supplies back onto the island. read more


Reihan Salam, National Review executive editor

...I'm, frankly, a bit concerned about one thing in particular. Vladimir Putin is going to want to offer a big diplomatic breakthrough to Donald Trump. The question is, is it going to be something that is going to be consummate with the long-term interests of the United States, particularly if you look at Syria?

President Trump and President Putin did actually manage to broker deals in Syria that looked promising. Let's de-escalate the conflict. The Russians have not delivered on their end of the bargain.

So if the Russians now make big promises, the president needs to be sure that the Russians are verifiably going to deliver. He shouldn't make promises that the Russians are not going to be willing to take up their end of the bargain on. ...

Here's the indictment...

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