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Rcade, tell your buddies at the DNC that they should be prepared for the long haul, not the easy fight.

Will the Demos retake the South? Yes, but it's gonna take a long time, long enough for the coming demographic shift to reach full fruition. Every election is not gonna have a loser like Roy Moore in it. The demographic patterns clearly show that the old baby-boomers, who overwhelmingly vote GOP, are dying off and slowly being replaced by a newly emerging demographic pattern, the millenials, who are more democratic, more liberal.

I would advise the DNC to;

1) Don't underestimate the flexibility of the southern voter. Don't forget that Obama took a very high percentage (but not a majority) of the traditional red voter in the red states. Why is that? It was because of #2 - #4 below. BTW, Doug Jones did the same thing.

2) Do not let the evangelical wingnuts claim ownership of God. This is very very important in the south. Every time some loudmouth evangelical creep like Roy Moore claims god's will is only what Roy Moore says it is, call them out on it, but don't criticize the 'religion' behind the idea that 'god's will' is a thing.

3) Keep it classy. Manners, even when used passive-aggressively, are very important to most southerners. Like Bear Bryant used to say, 'Boys, I want you to knock someone on their ass, then at the end of the play, help them back up, so you can knock them on their ass again in the next play'.

4) When showing people that they voted for a loser (Trump), frame it to say, 'you were lied to, you were duped, it's not your fault, you voted in good faith but here are the lies you were led to believe.....' If you say they voted for Trump because they are ignorant hicks, they will turn on you.

The basic idea is that, in the near term at least, the Demos are going to have to shift some of the fence sitting red voters over to vote Demo.

Drudge Retort

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