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#10 | Posted by hatter5183 at 2017-05-05 05:56 PM | Reply
"People need to use their brains when looking at labor participation rate. A falling labor participation rate is a good thing."

An interpretation not based on fact, wage increases are not the reason the participation rate is falling, it's lack of jobs.
Were your premise correct labor participation rates for prime working age citizens would be on the increase rather than those 55+.
Participation of workers 16 to 54 are continuing a long term downward trend, especially among men.

Household income has contracted over the last 17 years also contradicting your premise.
"The 2015 data gives renewed hope that this cycle of contracting household income has bottomed out and is on the mend at a sustainable pace. But in the 49-year history of this data series, there has never been such an ugly period of contraction for most of the age cohorts since their 1999-2000 peaks. Only the 65 and older households have respectable slopes in the snapshots above, and that, as mentioned above, is largely the result of Social Security with its history of Cost-of-Living Adjustments and, for some in that cohort, private and government pensions."

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