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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

In a world where a gang of grown me rape and killed an 8 year old child, Alabama lawmakers vigorously enacted the most restrictive abortion laws in the history of the United States. They force the victim to bear the baby and share custody with the sexual deviant. If the sexual predator fights for co-parenting rights, it is most likely that the courts will side with the rapist. read more


Rep. Chris Collins, a GOP ------- got reelected in Western New York.

Their racism and hate is so great, they would rather vote in obvious criminals.


I believe I have an answer to your question.

"Innocent" people (aka all able bodied men on welfare) don't want to do those jobs. Why do they get away with that? Because they vote. That's it. Politicians will rattle their sabers about what they are going to do about this abc issue or that xyz issue to rile up their constituents. However, the bottom line is that every politician, no matter what party, knows that when they upset the status quo, the voters are going to oust that candidate that riled up the status quo. In ghetto or trash language, whoever blew up the spot, gonna get cut up. And it could be as little as coffee.

For the sake of the knuckle dragging low browed mongoloids that post in the room, I'll expound just a bit.

When the govt decided to ban alcohol in the US, they "blew up" the American status quo. When guys like Al Capone and other mafioso got into the moonshine business, adult drinking Americans held them in esteem. The mafia became heroes in the eyes of the common man. Law abiding American majority helped hide the booze in their houses and farms during the Prohibition 1920 - 1933. The govt pretty much lost that pissing match with the American majority.

Can you imagine if Trump decided to make white men on welfare pick produce on a farm? Slaughter chickens? Any back breaking work illegals did? The GOP would lose everything across the board. All of the sudden, illegals would be reclassified and allowed to come in to the country on work visas.

Trump is going to have to sell the American public on yet another war. We're so used to Starbucks and hookah shops, that if you took them away, they'd be a work stoppage and riots.

Abortion is a status quo. Kill Roe vs Wade and Trump is done.

When Pepsi and Coke changed their formulas in the 80's, they almost went bankrupt.

Now, prisoners don't vote. And America doesn't have much compassion on felons. That's the status quo. No one is going to riot over convicts working the farms.

In the past, when I tried to have a serious conversation with MAGA, it went something like this:

    Me: I understand and respect that you voted for Trump, since we live in a democratic nation and every one has their own opinion about what candidate is right for them. Obviously, Trump was right for you. There, you voted for him.

    MAGA: Yes, sir, that's correct.

    Me: I have a few questions, nothing shady. Would you mind?

    MAGA: No.

    Me: Now that you have voted for Trump, what did you get in return? Did he lower your taxes, did he put more money in your paycheck? If he did, how much more did he give you? Did he give you anything to make your standard of living better? Has he given you a gift certificate to use anywhere as a thank you for voting for him? Have you received a Christmas card, an invitation to the White House or his private club in Florida? Has he acknowledged you in some way? A silver coin? A piece of gum from the Dollar store?

    MAGA: (*crickets* but his anger at me was certainly visible) He's kept his promises.

    Me: Ok... which ones? Was it the one where he promised he would "lock up" Hillary Clinton? Was it the one where he promised that Mexico would pay for building the wall? Has he built any part of the wall? Which promise did he keep?

    (At this point, MAGA became furious and started screaming at me. He was beyond reasoning, so I left. After analyzing this conversation at home, I reached the conclusion that MAGAts simply aren't interested in intelligent conversation. They just want to vent their hate. It's a waste of time and energy; I stopped trying to reach out to them.)

Bottom line, Pelosi, Schumer, and Cuomo are moderate democrats or raging moderates. They are left enough not to be considered Republicans but right enough not to be considered full fledged Democrats. Basically they are the Northern states version of Dixiecrats. Or as I like to call them. GOP Lite. They vote where the money bags are deep. And flip flop more than a fish out of water.

In other words, useless.

They lost a lot of female followers when they noticed all the moderate female leadership talked big behind the cozy and warm mics but NEVER showed up at any of the female-focused rallies. I guess it was too cold for those crusty dusty bones.

Opinion: doesn't Pelosi look like her skin in just hanging on her skull?

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