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Explain how a vagina can rape, Laura? I'm all ears.


A woman can rape. My husband is a victim, and normally I would not post about it but I feel like there is a lot of mis-information out there. I have not read beyond the post I am replying to so I dont know if anyone else has addressed this yet. Many years ago my husband was working in a position that put him in people's homes/yards every day. There was one home he had to go to often and he always said the woman made him uncomfortable but he brushed it off as harmless. She would always offer them something to drink. On one occasion he had to go to her home on his own, his usual partner called in that day, and he drank a small glass of tea. To this day we do not know exactly what it was spiked with and his memory is foggy about the events of that afternoon. He recalls drinking the tea and going about his job in her yard. He remembers her cornering him in the backyard and by this time he was feeling tired and sort of weak limbed. She was able to overpower him and take advantage of him. Whatever she gave him not only made him weak, it supplied the needed --------. He came home directly from her home in the company vehicle. He was shaking, on the verge of tears, and disoriented. He still doesnt remember how he left or the drive home. He doesnt even remember the full encounter. He reported her, and quit that company that very afternoon. He has never again worked in a job that put him in such a position because it stresses him out. He was absolutely raped and I am sure there are many men out there like him. To think this is just a problem for women is short-sighted.

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