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Thursday, November 28, 2019

The most well-known brand in the sport of boxing, Everlast, has hired the first professional trans boxer to be a face of the company in their new "Be First" campaign. Patricio Manuel is a five time USA female national amateur boxing champ. In December 2018 he became the first trans boxer to have a pro fight and the first transgender boxer to win a pro fight. When asked about Everlast, Manuel said "they were very earnest. They said, We think your story is important because it represents the diversity of boxing.' And I think that's something people aren't aware of unless you're involved in the sport itself: people think about the big fights, but they don't think about the community and the people that really make up this sport, and it is incredibly diverse ... Everlast wanted to showcase that."

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Since Boaz's fake news didn't mention it, the same witness who accused Ilhan Omar of being a Qatari a also accused Jared Kushner of the same. So here's the expanded story. In the trial of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani, Canadian businessman Alan Bender claims that a number of prominent Americans including Jared Kushner, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar as well as other members of Congress from both sides of the aisle as well as US journalists are Qatari assets. Bender says Omar is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and accuses of passing info to the Qatari government. He also said that Qatar's goal is to "rule the White House" and that Qatar paid a bribe of $1.4Billion to Jared Kushner by laundering the money through Brookfield Properties who assumed the lease of Kushner's failed investment in 666 Fifth Avenue. read more

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Previously two appointed officials at the White House Office of Management and Budget refused congressional subpoenas to testify but now Mark Sandy, a career employee of the OMB, is making it known that he will testify in private on Saturday upon receipt of an expected subpoena. Sandy is the official who signed the order that formalized the freeze on military aid to Ukraine. read more

Friday, November 08, 2019

89 year old Italian senator for life, Liliana Segre, survived Auschwitz though her father and grandparent were killed there but has now been placed under police protection after she called for the Italian parliament to establish a committee to combat "all forms of racism, anti-Semitism, incitement to hatred and violence on ethnic and religious grounds." Ms. Segre has been receiving as many as 200 hate messages per day. The committee was approved by parliament but members Italian right-wing parties abstained from the vote.

The New York Supreme Court ordered Donald J. Trump to pay $2 million in damages for improperly using charitable assets to intervene in the 2016 presidential primaries and further his own political interests. The award is part of Attorney General James' lawsuit against the Donald J. Trump Foundation and its directors -- Mr. Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump. As part of the settlement, Attorney General James also announced that her office entered into multiple stipulations with the Trump Foundation and its directors to resolve the remaining claims in the lawsuit. Chiefly, Mr. Trump admits to personally misusing funds at the Trump Foundation, and agrees to restrictions on future charitable service and ongoing reporting to the Office of the Attorney General in the event he creates a new charity. read more


Yet the Schiff aid failed to instruct the WB to disclose their communication on the form as was required. Then there is the problem with the fact that the WB checked off a box on the form indicating firsthand knowledge but never once indicated firsthand knowledge in the complaint itself. In the absence of firsthand knowledge the complaint never would have even been looked into in the first place. If this is truly a serious impeachment those issues absolutely will come up and they are legitimate in the broad sense of trying to remove POTUS from office via this process.

Both your first and second sentences are false.

We know from the IG's letter to the Director of National Intelligence on Aug 26 about the whistleblower complaint that the wb did disclose communication with both Schiff and Richard Burr's office. Why do you think that his contact with Schiff's staff is constantly being brought up by the GOP and their waterboys such as yourself but you never hear mention of his contact with the Republican Senator's staff?

We also know from the IG's assessment of the wb complaint from Sep 30, the same assessment that revealed that the wb had checked that direct knowledge box, that the IG determined that the wb had "official and
authorized access to the information and sources referenced in the Complainant's Letter and Classified Appendix, including direct knowledge of certain alleged conduct."

I don't think that you can backup the accuracy of your third sentence. In fact, if what you claim was true then what's the point of having Government audits or an Inspector General's office at all if you are going to take the stance that second hand reports are unworthy of review because what else is an auditor other than a 2nd hand researcher?

And I sure do hope that the issues you mention come up because the answers are already known and it shows that those of you who keep repeating them over and over are liars or are ignorant of the findings of the IG's office.

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