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Sunday, October 22, 2017

We have reached the point where we need fewer than five more votes for the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act to pass!

With the return of Majority Whip Steve Scalise, the legislation now is four votes away from passage, maybe even fewer. While Scalise has not officially co-sponsored the bill, he introduced a nearly identical reciprocity bill a few years ago and has recently declared in interviews that his shooting has only strengthened his belief in the right to carry.

This is the moment we have been waiting for. With the passage of the budget this week, Congress now has a small window where they can pass legislation with just a simple majority in the House and Senate. read more

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Former President Bill Clinton sought clearance from Hillary Clinton's State Department in 2010 to meet with a key Russian nuclear official who needed the Obama administration's approval to finalize a highly-controversial uranium deal -- all while Clinton prepared to collect a massive $500,000 payday for a speech in Moscow, according to a report from The Hill. read more


One of the best descriptions of "Progressism" I've ever read.

"Evolution is not continual progress, it is adaptation, but progressives conflate the two. In fact, what evolutionary pressure there is on humanity is not inevitably leading to the androgenous world of the feminists; the classless society of Marxists or the raceless world of the multi-racialists – all types of progressive teleology which try to try to ignore substance: the material world and the differences in human bodies.

The personal benefit is that the dogma enables progressives to avoid facing reality. Progressives see people coming together in places of disorder and rebellion, and a mural of Israeli tanks in Gaza they see as street art, not a British Muslim threat of war against Jews. They take a superficial view of reality. It is a defence because if they looked deeper they would be frightened and have to face the future. In fact, they like to drive to immigrant areas to sample the way of life with an exotic dance performance or curry. That is like tourism and they are spectators of exotic life until they drive back home! It is a shallow view of what is going on around us

Once luxuriant African states fall into crime and poverty, once prosperous, economically successful Detroit descends in to crime and poverty, even hunger is there now; but progressives pretend we are progressing. Not even New Orleans penetrated their bubbles. They go on holiday to Jamaica where safe areas are sectioned off for tourists, but do not connect that reality with our inner cities which are no-go areas for Whites. Even when Muslims blow up trains and there are almost weekly terror trials going on, they dream that we are all coming together."

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