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Friday, March 02, 2018

Police in the US state of Michigan are hunting for a gunman who shot and killed two people on a college campus. The victims at Central Michigan University were not students and the altercation sprang from a domestic dispute, said investigators. The two were shot at Campbell Hall on the fourth floor, according to police. The university named the suspected shooter as James Eric Davis, "a black male, approximately 19 years of age". Police warned locals to take shelter. read more

We all know that Brits speak differently depending on where they're from. But just how differently? And even if you're a non-British English speaker, might you share some vocabulary or pronunciations with people hailing from a UK region? Find out with our quiz. Inspired by academic research on accents and dialects, it tests which region of the UK has locals that speak the most like you -- even if you're not British. read more

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Music blaring through loudspeakers, strippers dancing to the beat and audiences whistling along. In some parts of China, this is what you would see during a funeral procession. Earlier this year, China renewed a clampdown on strippers performing at funerals, wedding and temples, calling it "obscene and vulgar". This isn't the first time authorities have tried to get rid of the practice but it has proven resilient. read more

A wave of attacks across Afghanistan has left more than 25 people dead, most of them soldiers, officials say. In the worst incident, Taliban militants stormed an army post in the western province of Farah, killing 22 soldiers. A suicide attack in the capital Kabul left at least three security officers dead. read more

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Avani Chaturvedi, 24, has become the first Indian woman to fly a fighter jet solo. She flew a Mig-21 Bison for 30 minutes earlier this week, the Indian air force said. "It is the breaking of a glass ceiling," spokesperson Anupam Banerjee told the BBC. He called it a "big day" in the history of the country's armed forces. Ms Chaturvedi was one of the first three female fighter pilots to be inducted into the Indian air force. read more




Never make fun of old-school.



Watch till the end.

It does not have democratic traditions or a population used to freedom to express views contrary to the power structure.

Which is why China has such an accelerated growth. 'Freedom of expression' is only there to give the ILLUSION of freedom. The Billionaires and DOTARDS will keep on making money off our backs and eating our resources. Freedom of expression never stopped them and will never stop them in the future.

Tianenmen Square

If democracy had won that day, I can guarantee:

1. No strong Chinese military today. More like Taiwanese ----- military surviving on American hand-me-downs.

2. No fake islands today.

3. No 500 million people lifted out of poverty. No other nation has done THAT.

Do you want to eat a nice meal and have money to spend? Or do you want "freedom of expression" on an empty tummy?

A corrupt Supreme Court is what created the glitches in American democracy, compounded by a corrupt Republican Party who views democracy as an impediment to their agenda. American democracy can be easily fixed with just a couple of Constitutional amendments

Yes and yes and absolutely YES.

But they won't.

School shootings, for example, are easy to fix.

But they won't.

In a democracy, when the rot starts, it doesn't go away unless men and women of courage and determination are elected.

See any of those around???

You state, as a fact: "Democracy fails after your population reaches a threshold. If you have more than like 500 million people, democracy doesn't really work anymore." It is not a fact, there is no reason to believe it is a fact.

Open your eyes and see for yourself.

What has India's democracy given to India?

Caste system... a weak military (compared to the country's size)... over 900 million people surviving on one meal a day.... mobs killing other people by the thousands.... the highest rate of rape on earth... etc.

The other Asian giant.. China... India was far ahead of China once. And now it is far behind.


Another huge country.. a democracy... Brazil. It's not a bad place. But it's not a superpower either. For it's size, it should be. It's got corruption, corruption and then some more corruption with poverty heaped on top.

Democracy is a juggling act... after 500 million people (the number varies with culture), you can't keep the balls in the air.

Indonesia... democracy... crash and burn.

Find me a few more mega-democracies and tell me how great they're doing.

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