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Monday, November 26, 2018

A scientist in China claims to have created the world's first genetically-edited babies, a move that would be a ground-breaking medical first but which has generated a barrage of criticism. read more

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Canada currently has 76 F-18 aircraft and more than 1,450 personnel contributing to the country's fighter capability. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government cancelled the purchase of new F-35 fighter jets when it came to power in 2015, and then scrapped its own backstop for an interim fleet of 18 Super Hornets amid a trade spat with Boeing, before settling on 18 used Australian F-18s. The nation currently has only 64 percent of the trained pilots it needs to effectively enforce Canada's sovereignty and respond quickly to threats, as well as take part in international operations with allies. In the two years to March 2018, the Royal Canadian Air Force lost 40 trained fighter pilots and produced only 30 new ones. Since then, an additional 17 fighter pilots have left or stated their intention to leave. read more

After SP Suhai Aziz Talpur's heroics during the Chinese consulate attack in Karachi, social media users in China have literally fallen in love with her. A Chinese youth has even asked Talpur to come over to the country and accept his marriage proposal. Talpur led the security operation that foiled the terror attack on the consulate on Friday. "A woman can be a better detective than a man, we see each and every thing and memorize it better," she said. She was studying to be a chartered accountant when she decided her chosen profession was too "dull" and joined the police instead. read more

The US government is reportedly asking its allies to stop using Chinese tech giant Huawei's equipment owing to the security fears. The country is even considering to provide subsidies to those who drop the Huawei equipment. As per the sources, the government officials have met with Japan, Germany, and Italy in this regard. They have also offered certain financial incentives to drop Huawei. read more

Saturday, November 24, 2018

In a video that looks like something a special effects shop would produce, ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst has captured one of the most remarkable views of a rocket launch we've ever seen. read more


My goodness....

The original sucky version:


And then there came this one which I, at least, thought was original. LOL


Here is the original Iranian (farsi) verion:


It's like if he moves or shows any emotion they'll shoot him.... LOL

And here is the stolen Pakistani version (pashto/taliban language). Far more energetic:


When Pakistanis steal something they need to pretend it was always their's... from music to nukes ... anyway, that's another story...

And here is the Urdu .. Coke Studio version sung by some jerk:


Here is the original...


Here is the best known version:


And here is the Japanese version:


And here is the MUCH better version:


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