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I watched this feed: www.youtube.com

This was 4 big time progressives - all had Tulsi as the big winner. So, no. This vast ring wing conspiracy does not exist.

For Andreas - I suggest you read this wiki - homophobia is most prevalent in the black community. Dems cannot win without carrying near 90% of the Black vote (in addition to high turn out). Booty-judge is toxic to this group. The police shooting only solidifies this.

en.wikipedia.org in the Black community

Homophobia is considered prevalent within the African American community.[16][17] Numerous reasons are given for this, including the image young black males are supposed to convey in the public sphere;[18] that homosexuality is seen as antithetical to being black in the African American community;[19][20][21][22] and the association of the African American community with the church in the United States.[23][24][25][26][27][28]

African Americans in general tend to have more homophobic beliefs than the rest of the country. More black Americans support the idea that ----- people should be condemned, or that AIDS is an acceptable punishment for gay people. Some believe this to be attributable to the effect that conservative church going has on African Americans.[citation needed]

"The issue is whether universities are 331% better than they were in 1991. If they aren't they are jacking up costs because they know student loans will go up to meet every increase."

Yes - that is exactly what is happening. And it is not going into actual learning - it is going into leisure facilities, better dorms (dorms at my U didn't have AC and were little better than a 10x10 holding cell with communal showers, etc. That no longer exists - and it did not raise the amount you learn at all.

"The reason students have six-figure debt today isn't because they made bad decisions. "

Yes, it is. Go to a 2 year community college and final 2 for the degree to save money. Work during school. Don't buy the meal plan or live on campus. Work a part time job while in school. Over 4 years, they will get $24K in Pell grants alone. Finish in 4 years - don't take 5. I didn't go to college 30 years ago like you. I went more recently and I received zero help from my parents. I finished my 4 year with zero debt and took on $20K debt total during my 2 year masters program where the starting salary was in excess of $100,000. My student loans were paid off within 2 years.

"Unless you think graduating from a top college and getting an advanced degree is a bad decision."

Depends what the advanced degree is in. Swalwell has a law degree, is 38, and have over $100,000 in student loans. That is irresponsible.

"The debt tsunami is a big deal. I could see it coming when my kids were little so I joined Florida Prepaid 10 years before the first of them was college age. I didn't want them graduating with so much debt it hindered their careers and finances into their late thirties.

Illinois has the same thing - those Illinois people will get their money stolen.

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