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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein kicked off post-government life by slamming former FBI Director James Comey, calling him a "partisan pundit" whose firing was justified. read more

Monday, May 13, 2019

Sorry, someone has to say it. I think Season 8 is a cultural phenomena so I think it is appropriate for this board. read more

Thursday, April 25, 2019

""GOP: Let's pose our older male members next to cardboard cutouts of young female legislators," Ocasio-Cortez said Thursday in a now-deleted accusatory tweet (I added the actual tweet from another article as thehill article omitted it for some reason) The New York Democrat quoted a tweet from the Republican Party of Kentucky that featured a picture of House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) standing next to a cardboard cutout of Ocasio-Cortez. In her response, Ocasio-Cortez slammed Republicans for allegedly posing "older male members" next to "young female legislators."" read more


"Too bad you don't know or understand what Exodus means, put your head in the sand, and count the really rich and really poor moving into the state as "equivalency", if you do, you probably live in a bubble.

It is that they can't grasp problems that have more than 1 variable. They just look at total population growing and think all is swell. That, and they can't understand how the population can be expanding while people are moving out of the state.

So, here is a quick rundown of what is happening:

1.) Wealthier native born Californians are packing up and leaving. A lot of times, they are following their jobs doing the same. So, middle class wealth is leaving. It is also driven by a failing public school system and high cost of living.

2.) Illegal immigration is soaring - and yes, they are counted thanks to our corrupt census system. The amount of illegals is staggering. In cities like Stockton, Modesto, Frenso, etc - you probably are looking at rates of 20%+ illegals.

3.) Illegals have large families - much larger than the average CA family. Thus, we get a rise in population but it is from families least able to a lot of children.

4.) In relation to #1 and #3, EVERYWHERE in the world, family size is inversely related to level of education/income

The net result is exactly what we see now - wealth inequality growing at rates only seen in the 3rd world. CA is producing a permanent underclass via breeding poor people and importing even more from Central America. But hey - the population is still increasing so no worries!

This is a long rant and these issues are not just the fault of the Democrat leadership at the city or state level. This is a problem with government in general pandering to the people unwilling to help themselves which just encourages more to move to the area. Sacramento's growing band of homeless/tent city campers represent a health hazard, not just a general decrease in quality of life. The growth in these people over the last 5 years has been startling. I could understand it when we were experiencing the effects of meth. But today's homeless are a different breed - mainly just lazy and finding no issue with how they live.

They are a lost generation without pride or ambitions - or have been so battered in life that their ambitions have been beaten out of them. So living homeless with their dog (they all have a dog), -------- in the street, and stealing enough to eat and get high is enough for them. If you gifted them $100K, they would be right back out on the street within 1-2 years. The article this week about Millennial not saving because of 'climate change' is just more nonsense. They don't save because they are unable to envision a life beyond the end of the month. They don't have goals and the educational system has failed to teach them how to plan for their futures.

They steal to afford food and drugs - rinse and repeat. The city tolerates this like all the cities in CA tolerate this. They can't bring on more police as the pension system is already bankrupt. The can't raise more money for mental health facilities as the new tax money is immediately diverted or used to try to patch the pension problem (Sacramento Measure U) - all 'temporary' taxes become permanent. That is why EVERY major city has wealth inequality rivaling an African dictatorship. It is sad.

"Real estate around the Sacramento area is comparable to prices in Charlotte NC

I would be very wary of buying right now. I still owe a ton of property in the midtown area along with some in the suburbs. Mainly multi-unit midtown units (converted Victorians and neo-classicals from ~1910 as well as some mixed use/commercial land. These have been fantastic investments. I did full gut renovations and price at $1500 for a 1bd/1ba (vs. $900 previously). However, the equity appreciation is where a huge chunk of the investment return has come from as all the surrounding properties have done similar renovations attracting higher income (basically, gentrification) tenants. I think I could jack up rents another $150-$300/unit right now - and this is the rub on CA and Sacramento in particular. With the new rent control restrictions (excluding new construction as a handout to developers obviously) that are coming in the next year, investment into any existing property is basically going to cease. So, the continual flow of wealth into the downtown/midtown core is going to end and the area will revert to how it was 20 years ago - basically, a lot of low lives, old people with low pension payments living in squalor, and some young people that want access to bars and clubs but live like rats.

This is the death knell for cities as if you remove the higher incomes, the clubs/bars/attractions close. As this happens, rent prices decrease because of lack of demand because there aren't new/cool places to justify living downtown. Pair this with any kind of economic slowdown that will cripple the state budget due to never saving a dime for a rainy day - and hiring will stop or decrease for the state which is probably 20% of the residents in downtown currently. Even if this does not happen to this extreme, the city will be bankrupted in short order due to public safety pensions along with the debt payments on that 'nice new arena'. Parking is already miserable due to the city playing every trick in the book to raise parking revenue to pay for the arena.

The other suburbs of Sacramento are usually highly dependent on 1 or 2 major employers - like Folsom is on Intel and Roseville was to a large extent on HP. Neither of those companies are going to be building new facilities on those sites in the near future.

So, this takes us to what you are probably doing - buying land somewhere in the surrounding suburbs. As Sacramento itself starts to de-evolve into Detroit, the already ridiculous building restrictions will get worse in an attempt to raise more money. On top of that, you will get your water more and more restricted so they can send more to the south. So, outside of Oct - April, you will be looking at a patch of bare earth where a front lawn should be.

"I can have civil discussions with sane, moral people from all sides.

Reading through your comment - all evidence points to that statement being a lie. In fact, I will bet that you have lost close friends since the Trump election. The Trump election marked the point when your formerly nice friends that you would invite to BBQ's, etc became disgusting, irredeemable racists, homophobic, sexists that you could not stand to be around. True?

Let me tell you - that behavior/feelings are not normal. Most of my conservative friends hated Obama - they hated how he said "you didn't make that", did the world apology tour, had his wife say she was never proud to be an American until Obama was elected, and did everything he could to divide the US along racial lines while cratering the economy and bombing everyone he could. They thought he was an absolute lying POS - like was yelled at him during his SOTU address (which did turn out to be a lie). And all of this without even knowing now how he corrupted the intelligence services, the IRS, and the Justice Department (Fast and Furious, etc).

And despite all that - I DON'T KNOW A SINGLE ONE THAT STOPPED TALKING TO THEIR LIBERAL FRIENDS OVER IT. That is a uniquely Left thing to do. You are unable to engage in civil debate. In one of JPW's rare moments of sobriety, he actually had arguments to put forth. Unfortunately, the draw of the bottle, needle, or pipe were too much and he reverted to form the next day.

I hope you are able to self-reflect and have that moment of clarity for yourself.

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