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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Charles Pierce: Am I alone in thinking that this is the strangest damn story to come out of the recent congressional experiment in inertia?

No disrespect intended to the Maasai warriors of North Dakota, but I have some questions and some observations:

1) Mark Warner is one of the most placid and inoffensive people in the Senate. What could he possibly have said to provoke Lamar Alexander to violence?

2) Lamar Alexander is 77 years old. Who know he had such a live arm at his age? And ...

3) A talking stick? Really? read more


...so, anyway, ... you cannot stop the literal bleed-out without massive amounts of money and total reform. the system and vets will continue to rot in more ways than two because such change is too slow to keep pace. more waste. you cannot do it not without a national universal healthcare system, and from there, like other countries, you don't need it (like other countries).

read carefully: www.nvlsp.org

for the unwashed: there are two branches of VA. Medical and (what they call) Regional. there say they are separate, often on the same grounds, but Regional offices will be in an isolated bldg elsewhere. Regional is what is being refered to whenever you hear anything to do with claims, appeals, etc., then there's the Board of Veteran Appeals , in DC and "traveling", then there's the US Veterans Court, etc.

Medical and Regional are "two different things" with separate functions.

read these:


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