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Wow, how is it that one state can continue to elect politicians who do the same thing over and over again, get the same results, and then try the same thing again. CA is always in financial trouble. And their answer is always "Let's be Liberal and just give everything away, that will make the state richer!" It really does seem like people think that Liberal ideology is enough to govern people. Just because giving people money to live sounds like a fantastic idea, an idea doesn't actually pay the bills. You can keep trying to make the idea work but it won't and history has already shown you that.

The second biggest ridiculous flaw here is that they are trying $500??? Seriously? A state FULL of people who claim people need a living wage are going to test a grand idea by using $500 for 100 families? They are demanding $15/hr minimum wage which comes to $31200 a year based on 40 hours a week and 52 weeks. That comes down to 2600 a month and I assume they take out 20% for taxes (I'm not sure, I worked hard in my life and got an education and I only know how bad I'm getting robbed every check I get so I don't know what the tax rate is for those who choose not to) so that leaves $2080. So, the same people who are absolutely furious that people can't live off of anything less than 15/hr are now saying they want a program that will provide $500. All that will do is push the ones already making a wage to be richer while the ones who are at the very bottom are still going to be trying to survive off of almost nothing. Hmmm...where have I heard extensive arguments about this before and how the wealth gap is a bad thing. Oh yeah, California. Jesus Christ those people are stupid over there.

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