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"It blamed tax evasion, firms' influence on policy, erosion of workers' rights, and cost cutting for the widening gap. "

Here's where it gets so basic. Take away any of the stupid reasons that people try to come up with to explain why the rich are evil. Guess what you have left...simple math. If I have $50 million invested and get an ROI of 5% annually across all my holdings, I get $5 million.

If I have $50k invested and get that same ROI annually across all my holdings, I get $5k.

In 10 years' time, the first person will be worth $150m (not compounding). The second person in 10 years will be worth $100k. So while they both received the same ROI percent, if you measure their "amount of wealth holdings", the guy with more money made MUCH more substantial progress towards overall wealth holding. After every measurement of time, the natural curve of the graph would sharply skew to the rich because that's just how math works.

VERY simple math. Rich people don't have to do anything to increase their hold on the total wealth in the world as it happens naturally based on a mathematical system that governs pretty much everything in existence. The only way to stop it is to create deteriorating ROIs on every single type of investment in the world to where the more you put in, the less you get out. So let's say someone who invests a million dollars right now gets a guaranteed rate of return of 5% but someone who invests $5k gets more like 2% (since this is more accurately how it works)...the returns would have to change to something like the rich person getting .5% and the other person would get 10%. And hell, to do what Liberals want and bankrupt every rich person in the world who doesn't agree with them, they would have to start causing negative ROIs which takes their money.

I can't believe Dems still have not learned how to fight against the wealthy Dems/Reps who are going to eventually get their way with this topic. Instead of trying to stop it, which will NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER happen as it will become the normal at some point because we live in reality and that's just how things works, they should start fighting what they can today that would prevent the actual problems that would come about once net neutrality is gone for good. For example, people are scared they will have to pay to visit a site. Well, start legislation today that would govern the prices. So if people are scared they will have to pay, make laws that say a company can only pay a penny for the number of registered users, not web hits. That's obviously just a made-up example, but it gets the point across. Stop trying to stop reality. It's not going to happen. Start living in the real world and start attacking the problem where it hurts. Sure, it's not easy and there are a billion discussion points, but at least it starts us down the road of not fighting something that history has proven beyond any doubt that it will happen eventually. In fact, this is what pork barrel legislation is made for! Instead of corrupt politicians adding in their own legislation that benefits them, they need to come together and start sliding in very obscure rules that would make the end of net neutrality much less significant. Of course, that won't happen because neither side makes money or gains power from it, so it won't actually happen. But that doesn't make the idea any less optimal.

Opinions about how to react to what was said aside, here is another shining example of something that has no racist connotations being called racists based solely on the fact that minorities of America are the majority of the offended country. Calling a country a -------- has nothing to do with skin color. Where is the article that actually uses logic that states leaders of -------- countries are being racist by acting as victims?

Oh, and btw, since so many people got butthurt over this, -------- is an opinion. I have a nice 1800 sq ft townhome that I consider to be really nice. It has everything I need and I've put a lot into it. It has a lot of electronics since I'm an IT guy and I've been blessed enough to have some money to do a lot of good things to it.

Now, if Trump comes to my home and compares it to his, mine is a --------. I don't need to argue semantics because it wouldn't hurt my feelings. It's the truth in comparison. Just like, compared to America, many other countries are --------s. Last time I checked, there isn't an article every time another countries call us ------- elitists and exceptionalists, or the myriad of insults that are thrown at us all the time. In fact, when other countries do that, the Liberal media outlets actually celebrate it and say how true it is

All this has done is now cause our world leaders to argue over what someone said instead of spending their time taking action to better themselves so they aren't -------- countries. Or, to be PC, so they aren't "economically-challenged but not in derogatory sense".

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