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Excess is the cause of almost all restrictions you will ever encounter. At some point, a system of any kind can't sustain itself if it grows too fast or the system itself isn't meant to handle the excess. My work used to give free lunches to all employees. That went away because it became unsustainable. It doesn't mean the company hates its employees and never wants to give them anything. It just means as the years went on, things changed. The parameters in which we operate changed. If an employee decided to start stealing food from the refrigerater, guess what...that person would be punished. To many people on this site, they think the person should be able to eat anything at the company for free or spend the compnay's money to buy their lunches because they USED to get free lunches...not even if that person is poor and can't afford lunch. Sorry, logic doesn't work that way. Hell, common sense can't even make that argument different.

"no business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country."

And he's right...except for this little thing called "number of workers in the US". Yeah, companies can pay living wages to all of its employees but then we'd have a lot less people in America working right now. What do you want, 50% of the people making a living wage or 100% of the people employed making the wages that supply/demand economics allot? Sure, in the perfect unicorn and rainbow world that many Democrats think they live in, they think it's possible to marry the two. But it's not. You either work in reality or you are just a party who creates laws based on what would be best for everyone regardless if it's actually possible.

Drudge Retort

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