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Obama gets elected because of "racial resentment" and it becomes a hush issue that, if brought up, indicates the source is racist. There is no debating that occurred for 8 years. So, now, it's only fair to say that this article is racist and only serves to empower racists. Nobody who was sick of hearing it during the Obama years has any shred of credibility to argue this point (I'm looking at pretty much every Liberal on this site).

WHODAMAN, you automatically assume that a white person who has done well in their life has not had to live through the same level of bs that everyone else has to. Regardless that you seem to think white people get a red carpet rolled out wherever they go, white people go through the same ------- bosses other people have. Hell, I just got fired earlier this year for bringing up an ethical issue at work (which, being in risk, is part of my job). White people get harassed and bullied by cops. White people have to bend over and take crap from people in positions of authority just like everyone else. Life isn't easy and sometimes we don't know where our next paycheck is going to come from. But, by all means, keep segregating people by groups and making assumptions as to what each group believes. You are only propagating bigotry.

"Their complaints have always been dismissed or minimized, as well."

If you've actually been keeping up on the current climate, you could EASILY deduce that their complaints aren't heard because THEY DON'T TELL ANYONE! Or they don't tell anyone who is in the position to do anything about it. Only a very small percentage of all of the allegations today are done from women who voiced their complaints. Had all of the women who have come out in the last 6-7 years voiced their complaints publicly when it occurred, the issue wouldn't have blown up into the spectacle it is today (and, some of that harassment wouldn't have occurred because the accused wouldn't have been around to do it). So, while there are times and some environments where someone's complaints are dismissed or minimized, to lump them all together is foolish.

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