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It's about time. Taxes need to rise across the board and a new structure needs to be put into place. But get rid of that stupid bracket system. Why have a fine line between 99k and 100k (as an example) and just raise tax rates as you move up in salary. The two caveats are that low income peoples' taxes do not raise until they make a specific amount per year and the rich get a cap so that they don't end up paying 100% every year because they make so much.

But, this country needs to have taxes raised significantly if it wants to be able to afford all of the things the Democrats have been doing. I'm fine with universal health care, I'm just not fine doing it with the current tax rate. Dems think they can just spend money without any repercussions but all the countries they LOVE to use as examples all have significantly higher taxes (and please don't be one of those people who have never actually traveled to another country and found out first hand about tax rates...the Internet "facts" are highly skewed depending on who is reporting them). In Amsterdam, a worker at a souvenir shop is taxed 60% of their wages (I bet you can understand how shocked I was with my first stub).

In the 60s when America experienced phenomenal growth, taxes were significantly higher than they are today. This isn't causation without precedence. This is common sense. To pay for the people, you have to bring in more money. Dems can't just spend without being responsible and Reps just need to stop fighting the inevitability of socializing many things as Americans become more dependent on the government.

Amazing how terrible you guys are. A plan was enacted before the hurricane ever hit, huge boats were staged prior to the hurricane hitting, soldiers and other first responders were staged on islands near PR before the hurricane hit. After the hurricane, the response was immediate and supplies got to the island.

But, because people were impacted then that means the government failed. The worst part is there is no precedent, logic, or common sense that can be presented that doesn't support the notion that a population of millions impacted by a catastrophe will take months and possibly years to recover from...yet so many people still whine and cry just because the topic is there to whine and cry about. This world is in a craphole because of people who do that. The only other possibility is that there are people who actually think a catastrophe can be cleaned up after a day and millions of people and the infrastructure to support them can be put back to how it was after a week. If there are people who believe that, I feel even less optimistic about the future of this world. DR plans and execution don't just happen in a vacuum. You can't repair anything if you can't get to it. You can't provide supplies to people if you can't get to the people and they can't get to you. I think too many people watch Star Trek and actually believe spaceships and teleporters exist. That actually isn't as ignorant as anyone who thinks a catastrophe impacting millions of people is going to be fixed in a month.

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