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"As President Donald Trump's immigration policies have swelled detention-center populations on both sides of the U.S. southern border,"

Liberals seriously need a cleansing. Now the numbers are due to Trump's policies. So, what that basically means is things are so bad according to Liberals yet Trump's policies have given immigrants the opposite view and they are so great that the increase in immigrants has significantly increased. I mean, I get this author is just trying to proactively counter the truth, which is that Liberals have made the problem much worse because of their neglect of detention centers and providing aid to the border, but to start out an article with that statement is just irresponsible.

The reason for the swell, in case any Liberal wants to learn reality, is that too many people are coming to the border. And which party is the one who has been defending them and saying they should come? Wait, let me rephrase, which party AFTER OBAMA (since Obama is on record as saying people shouldn't come to the border and kids will be separated from parents, living conditions aren't great, etc.) is the one who has been defending them and saying they should come? Well...welcome to cause and effect. You wanted immigrants, you got them. Now start coming up with your own ways of countering that or give Trump what he wants. Sitting there with your thumbs up your butts just whining about everything that is bad does absolutely nothing. Argue that all you want but nothing will change the conclusion.

Liberals have already proven they can't see past their own nose. Their short-sightedness is the only problem here. How about we put this in terms you can understand based on something you vehemently defend today...anthropogenic climate change.

See, there are people who are doing things that release dangerous gases in our environment. These gasses are hurting our climate, and the people. In order to stop that from happening, we have to fight against those people. Since the effects have taken decades to really cause visible change, fighting it has been tough because people are short-sighted...mainly business Republicans of many nations in the world who tend to look at today's climate and not the climate as a whole, past and present.

See, there are people in China who are doing dangerous things that take advantage of our country's economic status, allowing them to prosper positively by impacting us negatively. In order to stop that from happening, we have to fight against those policies and trade practices. Since the effects have taken decades to really cause visible impacts, fighting it has been tough because people are short-sighted...mainly Liberals who look at only today's economy and not the economy as a whole, past and present.

It's the same situation, only different topics. And yet both sides reverse themselves solely because of politics. The worst part is both sides will completely fight against the issue above that applies to them and still blame everything on the other side, and find as many ways as they can to try to prove the two situations are different.

It's fun watching Liberals call everyone who doesn't have their same opinions a criminal. It's almost as if our Founding Fathers knew that there would be groups of people who want to oppress others based on opinions, so it was imperative they form a government where all people are free to have their own opinions, feelings, etc. without fear that groups like Liberals today can criminalize them.

Someone who has been investigated and had no charges put on them means they can't be considered a criminal (doesn't mean they aren't one, it just means no evidence exists to support the notion). I know Liberals only care about the laws that they agree with but luckily our Founding Fathers knew better. This country would have never survived passed WW2 if Liberals had their way. Internally, they caused the civil war, didn't want women voting, and are responsible for Japanese camps during WW2. They want to oppress people who do not agree with them. They want the entire country to know that we all belong to different groups and that every group should be treated differently based on the current socioeconomic climate (this one isn't necessarily a bad thing until you add in all the other oppression mentioned prior). Externally, their entire strategy for foreign affairs is to just pay everyone off when there is a disagreement.

Go ahead, try to debunk what I've said. You can't, except maybe the last statement but the news today is definitely supporting evidence. America would have been destroyed both internally and externally if Dems had most of the power in the last 200ish years. Not saying we would have been better off without them, just hoping one day they recognize their own smugness and get back to doing what they are best at and governing appropriately.

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