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If you make this about anything more than money, it means you haven't done your research. This isn't partisan. This isn't hate. This is all about love...love of money. But this is where the masses go wrong. This is about the love of money regarding EVERYONE. You love your nice house? Then you love this legislation. You love your standard of living? Then you love this legislation. You love the American Dream? Then you love this legislation. You love your retirement funds? Then you love this legislation.

Americans are privileged because of legislation like this. It sucks and it causes Americans to lose jobs or compete for jobs they shouldn't have to compete for. Here's something many people don't factor in to their thought process...many people say this legislation is needed because Americans don't want to do these or jobs or that there aren't enough qualified Americans for the jobs. However, if the companies were to provide the mobile abilities they provide for the offshore workers, it would be a completely different story. It is STILL cheaper to pay for someone from India to come here (and pay for their visas), pay them much less than Americans to do a job, and fly them home (which isn't always provided but many of the rich tech companies do) than it is to do the same thing for an American. There are a huge amount of qualified people in the states who would love to work for these companies but can't afford to relocate, and the companies aren't offering the same deal they do the offshore workers because it adds on the cost of hiring and paying them.

So don't ever say these jobs are ones Americans won't do or that there aren't enough qualified. There are, they just need the same opportunity and assistance that offshore workers do. They just won't get it because of how much Americans cost to employ already, much less providing relocation assistance. And I'm not talking about relocation like buying a house or anything hugely expensive like that, I'm just talking about transportation and general assistance.

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