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This is a very true statement and anyone who disagrees has no idea what the U.N. is for. If the U.N. has any business examining the U.S. the only real issue it has any clout over is firearm matters (but even that is a stretch). Other than that, the U.N. is a place for all countries to come together and condemn a country for doing something so abhorrent as to be considered against basic human rights. The U.S. is not in that discussion. We do some things wrong and some things right, all of which is mandated from an hierarchical system (government) that has many regulations and checks and balances. Almost everything that is in the news regarding anything that has been done to humans is referencing 1% or less of the people involved in the situation. That's every country in the world and none of them can point fingers without there being reports for every single country (yes, even the socialist countries you Liberals love do things that impact human rights, look it up).

The U.N. isn't there to fight against those imperfect situations. They exist. No country in the world has found any real answers to prevent bad things from happening to tiny percentages of all demographics. In some areas, the U.S. is better than others and in other areas, they aren't. The U.N. is there to (in the context of this article) fight against the countries that do things that impact a large percentage of groups of people or do harm to other countries. Someone above made a snide remark about the immigration family issue. Yes, it is an issue. Yes, it's only happening to less than 1% of all families coming through (after you remove the children who are known criminals or ones who are found to be brought over under false pretenses, look it up). And yes, it does happen in civilized countries all over the world (even the ones Americans who hate America claim are so much better than us).

If the U.N. truly wants to use their purpose to address that, they'd go after Mexico. After all, there is an entire 150 million strong political party in America who claims Mexico is so overrun with cartels, rapers, and slave traders that their people are fleeing by the millions to another country. If the problem is that bad, the less than 1% of families being split is not even a blip on the U.N.s' radar. Every country has problems and the U.N. is not there to govern over them. Considering the severity of most of America's problems are based on opinion, it's even more laughable that the U.N. took this kind of action to be petty.

Yet, even faced with the logic of it all, people who belong to a political party STILL say ridiculously ignorant things to use something like this as fodder to bolster their parties self image. That's the real tragedy. Try being an American. Not a Partisan.

The fact that Trump is President shows they have a lot of work to do. But nothing will change because they still think they're doing nothing wrong. Once Liberals learn humility, the political landscape will change dramatically for the better.

And a shining example of this is this quote from above:

"All Democrats have to do is remind people how great it was under Obama. Nancy Pelosi is right. The unemployment rate really doesn't mean anything to people that already have jobs so it really doesn't matter what rate Trump is able to attain. Meanwhile, race relations have hit an all time low and the attacks on the LGBT+ community have reached staggering levels. Yes, the economy might be strong now, but that is all due to the wise policies of Obama finally paying off in a big way. We were in the worst economic position since the Great Depression, I think people would agree that 9 years is not too long for the full effects to be felt from Obama's economic policies."

For anyone old enough to have been in politics when Obama took office, he blamed everything wrong on W and everything right on himself...except almost everything he did in his first term were just extensions of W's policies. And anything that worked, Obama took credit for. Anything that didn't, he blamed on W and Republicans. A good example of that using the same logic as this quote is when bin Laden was killed. Obama took all the credit, Dems took all the credit, but it was a lot of work by W's team that got them to the point they could get him. I'm fine with Obama taking credit, he was in office when it happened. But that same logic HAS to be used across the board. Obama touted the unemployment rate every chance he got when it would improve. But now you want those numbers to be ignored because it isn't a Dem in office.

And on and on. Either party that uses their platform to blame the other side exclusively for all of the problems while taking credit for anything that goes right. Humility. Learn it or continue to be the party that is left behind.

"Protests that are made only at acceptable times and locations are neither remembered nor effective."

That still doesn't mean they can't choose the wrong platform. Imagine people start standing in a street to block gay pride parades to protest gun rights. It's their right to protest and they are doing it peacefully but it would become an outrage and be considered insensitive to gay pride. The message may be more impactful because it is done in a way that would garner national attention. However, it doesn't mean that the insensitivity shown to the gay community would be any less of a problem.

Protests with a good message can be done using a badly chosen platform, like in the case of the anthem kneeling. If they were to do it during the game or at any other time, it would get the same amount of attention. Doing it during something that is already dedicated to a purpose only intends to oppose that purpose. And if that purpose is something heartfelt to millions of people, it's going to cause an issue and the message is going to get lost. By him holding up the sign that says "You aren't listening", he's exactly right...except nobody is listening to the message because it was delivered in a very bad way. In fact, that should be enough of a hint to those who kneel to ask themselves, "Hmmm...I wonder why nobody is listening?". It's not because of the message, the millions of people supporting them clearly proves that...so then, what is it? It's the platform that was chosen. It's time they swallow their pride and egos and admit that it was a bad platform.

It's really hard for people to understand the logic behind this whole issue, I guess.

America is on the bad end of many trade deals. At least let's use that as our starting point. If you can't understand the numbers that support that, then you shouldn't be in the conversation at all and should take your opinions to social issues that don't require facts and figures.

So what is happening is one country who is being negatively impacted by a deal is wanting that deal to change, which will inherently harm the other side of the deal to some extent. No matter what else is involved, no matter any other element...this is the underlying factor behind the whole thing. Any change to the deal that impacts one side negatively is going to be met with resistance, of course. That is another part everyone should be able to agree on. Neither side wants to be impacted negatively. But where the problem stems from and whole catalyst to the situation is that for America to be in the deal, we were already impacted negatively. All Trump is trying to do is gain back the losses we took when we decided to become the helper of every nation. The same people who admonish us for acting like the world police MUST be just as temperamental about this trade issue as they are about that. The only reason we went into most of these deals was to help other nations, not us. We could have easily made our own deals and done whatever we wanted.

So what's the argument really about? It's about America not being able to provide changes that help us but also do not negatively impact other members of the deals. As of right now, there is no way to do that because of the inherent terms in each deal. So, that means America is either going to have to always be part of something that isn't fair to America or America has bully its way out of the deals or change the terms to be positive to the country. If you can find a fix for this that works on such a large scale (that's the key problem here), then not only would you be a very significant person in the future but I'm sure a Nobel prize would be coming your way. Otherwise, bashing the President for wanting America to be treated fairly shows how much you dislike America and don't want it to improve. Normally, people who hate America but want to stay to help make it better or ok...but people who just hate America and don't want America to improve are the ones who should move away. It's just logical. I don't care if you hate Trump or like Trump, just please use some logic when forming opinions. If you don't, you just contribute more and more to the downfall of a nation that had such promise. Yes, YOU are the reason for the downfall. Reps or Dems can't be blamed. It is YOU as an individual.

Maybe some of us want to work really hard for our money our whole lives and then not have it taken away to be given to people who don't. Maybe some of us want to enjoy our 2nd Amendment right the way it is written. Maybe some of us want to enjoy the gas prices we have because we have to drive so far to work every day, which involves ensuring not one country in the world can hijack oil prices and raise them significantly. Maybe some of us enjoy our freedoms enough that we want to ensure our country remains on top which requires a lot of foreign affairs, which in some cases results in having to defend us.

But here's where you go wrong. You refuse to accept that people have come from nothing and worked hard and now enjoy a good life so they don't want others to not have to go through the same trials and tribulations first. You refuse to accept that an Amendment is for the greater good and not just yourself. You refuse to accept that gas prices remain what they are because we (along with other countries) prevent warlords from hording all oil fields and creating a monopoly on oil...which, btw, I'm still wondering how people don't understand the logic that if the people you say are conspiring to go to war because of oil would be the richest people in the world. But they aren't. Bush had $400m network...that is not the networth of someone who controls oil.

Start by accepting that people don't hold the same opinion as you and that doesn't make them stupid. It makes your ass stupid for saying it. Neither side is full of stupid people. They are full of people who hold opinions and value their way of life and whatever they have had to go through to enjoy that way of life. Just because you hate your life so much doesn't mean others do. Start by recognizing you aren't the center of the universe and everything you think and do is better than those who disagree with you.

How the f can you sit there and demonize and generalize and then be part of a group who protests against demonizing and generalizing? You need to do a damn life check.

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