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"Told you this would happen....

There is no fraking way that America can win this one.

No way in Hell."

You obviously didn't read the article. BOTH countries are going to suffer because companies are considering taking their business to other countries.

Here's a very deep point for Liberals to think about that, if they can be objective, will open their eyes (not to the fact that Trump is right, but to finally realize where the problem truly lies)...China is EXACTLY what America would be if Trump were free to do everything people blame him for. Saving profits by forcing people to work, extremely low wages, 16 hour days, terrible working conditions, no regard for human needs, no diversity requirements, very few labor laws, government forced compensation that is unfair to the masses, etc. Sure, some companies are better places to work but that's the same in America. Some places do more than what the laws require but that's a very small minority in both countries. But America has significantly more labor laws in place to protect the people. They can become a superpower because of it. They can produce way more cars because they have huge amount more people and can force those people to work in ways Americans are protected from.

Let that marinate for a minute and come back and tell me how America is the losing side in this battle please. If you haven't been to China or haven't done extensive research, you have no right to respond. If you have, you know this is all factually true. Supporting America in this trade conflict is absolutely necessary and productive if you have any liberal feelings towards peoples' rights to be protected. For once in your life, don't let pride and ego get in the way of supporting the people instead of vilifying who you don't agree with. Stop spreading hate. Spread love by understanding the plight of people who live in other countries and actually want to be there (instead of only caring about the ones who are trying to immigrate because they don't like their country).

Drudge Retort

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