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You mean like many of Obama's appointees?


That's only 10. And almost all of them failed because they were under investigation which found something wrong.

The point isn't to say it's OK because Obama had the same problem. The point is that falling for this type of media garbage is ruining this country. EVERY candidate is under investigation...very critically. It's logical and necessary. And in the digital world we live in today, every investigation can be spun to cater to both sides however they want.

Allowing this partisan hate to impact your thought processes only serves to turn you into a vessel of hate. The right questions aren't being asked, such as should there be a transparent procedure for investigations to ensure the public has fair and balanced insight to what is being found? Should the media be able to spin the accusations to influence people to form biased and incorrect opinions? Etc. etc.

But instead, we continue to just go down the same stupid road we keep going down and everyone on both sides just allow themselves to be hateful, but support that hate by saying they only do it because they are right and anyone who doesn't agree is wrong so it's not hate. It IS hate. The longer you ignore that reality, the longer we continue down this path.

""I remember coming to work that day and I stopped at the Wawa and I didn't even make eye contact with people, because I couldn't believe this was the world that we lived in," she recalled."

You know, with another article on Drudge talking about how Hillary Clinton says Democracy is in crisis...couldn't part of that be because so many Liberals after this election have proven they still can't believe that someone got voted in? I mean, if they can't believe they live in a world where people campaign, then people vote, and then the one with the most votes based on the processing system in place (in America's case, the EC)...how the hell will they EVER understand Democracy? I'm not saying they are the problem but I am saying that people who actually had their behavior change because of the Democratic process of voting should be one of the first groups of people who we hold accountable for Democracy being in crisis. That's just logic.

It's one thing to say there are problems with the voting system that need to be fixed. One could even say we need a different system, such as direct popular vote. It's completely different to say you don't accept the results of the process, going so far as to even say the winner isn't your POTUS. Our laws are written with the basic premise that Democracy has allowed them to be written. We vote people in who make the laws. Without accepting the results, you are not accepting Democracy. Thus, you are putting it in crisis. Some people need to take a long, realistic look at themselves before pointing fingers.

Drudge Retort

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