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OK OK OK...all partisanship hate and arguing a side. I'm very saddened for the comments already on this board. Goes to show this country has no hope.

This report makes a claim that it never substantiates. The report says ""How many more children were separated is unknown, by us and the HHS."" So they make a claim that they can't even provide proof of. Then they say:

"The report also found that the Trump administration repeatedly changed its estimate of the number of children in its care, and who had been separated for their families while trying to enter the US.

In June 2018, for instance, the US government said that there were 2,053 separated children in HHS custody. By October, there were 2,668 -- a sharp increase."

So, and this is just freaking hilarious that other people fell for this crap reporting, the only conclusion that can be inferred is that, over time, the numbers changed. Now, I know some critical thinking is harder to do at times than others based on the source content. But this is just 2nd grade logic here. The number of immigrants at the border changes every single day. The numbers change daily, hell, probably even hourly. So OF COURSE the numbers are going to be different over time. Is this is how bad reader logic has become? The article never states that the numbers differ from what has already been reported. It does state:

"While most of those children were reportedly reunified, the new inspector general report finds that "thousands" of children had been taken into HHS care before the order and it is unclear how many of those thousands were then reunified."

But it never states in any context that the number of children taken is any higher or lower than what was reported. It just says thousands were taken in 2018.

What the article IS saying is that the number of kids reunified is not 100%, which isn't surprising at all. So the ridiculous headline is just more partisan hate throwing with no backing whatsoever.

"This shows the lenses people view the world through.

The right sees there was a fence which is like a wall and their brain stops and they say "see? we need one too."

The left sees there was a fence which is like a wall but also see how easily it was defeated. They see that there are huge costs but very little benefit."

Yeah, it's almost as if Nancy's house is invaded every day by hundreds of people. You use the same bad logic so many other people do. How many people want to invade Nancy's yard? How many people have we heard of doing it? I bet the ratio is EXTREMELY low...probably under 1%. So, in that sense, the fence is incredibly effective to the point of condom-like effectiveness. Yep, the rare swimmer gets through sometimes but that doesn't make it an easy defeat with very little benefit.

Obviously the fence is easy to get over. Fences, walls, locks, etc. are all about keeping the masses out...not the minority of people who are crooked no matter what is in front of them. That's just common sense, or should be to anyone who is an adult. It's the purpose you are not understanding. The purpose of the wall isn't to stop illegal immigration 100%. It's to stop illegal immigration in a "defense-in-depth" strategy that has been used for thousands of years. For example, you don't see a king put his bed in a yard with a big wall around it. No, you see the big wall, then a big drawbridge, then a big gate, then guards, then etc.

Looks like someone's brain stopped before making their post and it's not just the Right...

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