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"One of the effects of global climate change is weather extremes that will only get worse."

This is why climate change enthusiasts are getting less and less attention from the scientific community as a whole. Your statements are sounding like drug commercials now. Have a drought? Have a flash flood? Have big clouds? Have small clouds? Have no clouds? Have volcanoes? Have no volcanoes? Then get a dose of climate change! It is the answer for everything! Forget that it has side effects that may include incorrect data sets, inconsistent measurement techniques, email proof of collaboration by climate scientists to exaggerate findings, and many other things that scientists question but get no money to research, and it all gets swept under the rug anyways!

California has had droughts and floods all the time. Remember you said extremes, so that's what I'm reporting below. Sure doesn't look like there is any evidence of increasing extremes. There are trends, of course. And let's not forget that technology has improved and the definition of what a flood is and a drought is has changed. So, overall, your statement is wrong in the context of this article.

Historic droughts

3.1 1841
3.2 1863–1864
3.3 1924
3.4 1929–1934
3.5 1950s
3.6 1976–77
3.7 1986–1992
3.8 2007–2009
3.9 2011–2017

Floods in California

1.1 Los Angeles flood of 1825
1.2 January 1850
1.3 Years closely following January 1850
1.4 October 1858: Schooner-beaching storm surge in San Diego
1.5 December 1861 – January 1862: California's Great Flood
2.1 1909: California flood
2.2 December 1933 – January 1934: Crescenta Valley flood
2.3 February 1937: Santa Ana flood
2.4 December 1937: Northeast California flood
2.5 Los Angeles Flood of 1938
2.6 September 1939: Los Angeles River
3.1 November 1950: California flood
3.2 December 1955: California flood
3.3 March 1964: North Coast California tsunami
3.4 December 1964: California flood
3.5 September 1976: Ocotillo flash flood
3.6 January 1982: Northern California flood
3.7 1986 California and Western Nevada floods
3.8 January and March 1995: California flood
3.9 New Year's Day 1997: Northern California flood
4.1 August 2014: Coastal flooding due to "Big Wednesday" wave action
4.2 January 2017: California flood

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