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Monday, December 04, 2017

In Minneapolis, what began as an invitation to a Thanksgiving meal ended in a bizarre death. Anenia Marie Hare, 47, is behind bars after authorities say she killed a dinner guest who had the poor manners to smoke crack at her Thanksgiving table -- and not offer her any. read more

Saturday, December 02, 2017

I hate to break it to you, but chances are you're just not prepared for what's coming. Not even close. Don't take it personally. I'm simply playing the odds. After spending more than a decade warning people all over the world about the futility of pursuing infinite exponential economic growth on a finite planet, I can tell you this: very few are even aware of the nature of our predicament. An even smaller subset is either physically or financially ready for the sort of future barreling down on us. Even fewer are mentally prepared for it. read more

In 2019, if everything goes according to plan, the much-delayed James Webb Space Telescope will finally launch into orbit. Once assembled, it will use an array of 18 hexagonal mirrors to collect and focus the light from distant galaxies. This segmented-mirror design was developed in the 1980s, and it has been so successful that it will feature in almost all the large telescopes to be built in the near future. But as always, nature got there first. For millions of years, scallops have been gazing at the world using dozens of eyes, each of which has a segmented mirror that's uncannily similar to those in our grandest telescopes. And scientists have just gotten a good look at one for the first time. read more

Up to about 2006 or 2007 Google provided an excellent search engine. It then started to prioritize and present more general results even where one searched for very specific information. It became cumbersome to search for and find details. The situation has since further deteriorated. The Google News search is now completely useless. It delivers the main stream media trash without showing divergent views or opinions. What is the use of a search result page that links to twenty sites with the same slightly rewritten Associated Press story? read more

Friday, December 01, 2017

Brian Butcher, a history teacher at Ballou High School, sat in the bleachers of the school's brand-new football field last June watching 164 seniors receive diplomas. It was a clear, warm night and he was surrounded by screaming family and friends snapping photos and cheering. read more


He had 7 previous felonies, but get this from USA today: www.usatoday.com

Garcia Zarate didn't deny shooting Steinle and said it was an accident.

The jury of six men and six women -- including three immigrants -- found Garcia Zarate not guilty of homicide. Steinle was killed while posing for pictures with her father on a San Francisco pier.

Zarate, who had been homeless, claimed he found the handgun on the pier and accidentally fired it when he picked it up. He said the bullet ricocheted before it hit Steinle. However, he reportedly told police interrogators that he fired the gun on purpose and was aiming at a seal.

But prosecutors said he had the gun all along and was playing his own "secret version of Russian roulette" when he fired the weapon into a crowd on the pier, and the bullet struck Steinle. After he shot Steinle, Zarate tossed the gun into the San Francisco Bay and was captured on surveillance cameras running away. Police found gunshot residue on his hand.

It was later determined that the gun had been stolen four days earlier from a car belonging to a federal agent with the Bureau of Land Management. Now Steinle's family is suing the agency.


Thank god this innocent illegal alien who never committed an 8th felony will be released back onto the street without even a manslaughter conviction.

#3 Trump wants to invade Canada? Why did nobody tell me this during the election? I am so there!

Did you ever hear about this Canadian false flag plan?:
Defence Scheme No. 1 was created on April 12, 1921, and details a surprise invasion of the northern United States as soon as possible after evidence was received of an American invasion of Canada. It assumed that the Americans would first attempt to capture Montreal and Ottawa, then Hamilton, Toronto, the prairie provinces, and Vancouver and southwest British Columbia. Defence Scheme No. 1's American counterpart was War Plan Red, a plan to invade Canada as part of a war with Britain, created in 1930.[1]

The purpose of invading America was to allow time for Canada to prepare its war effort and to receive aid from Britain. According to the plan, Canadian flying columns stationed in Pacific Command in western Canada would immediately be sent to seize Seattle, Spokane, and Portland. Troops stationed in Prairie Command would be sent to attack Fargo and Great Falls, then move to Minneapolis. Troops from Quebec would be sent to seize Albany in a surprise counterattack while Maritime troops would attack Maine. When resistance to the Canadians grew they would retreat to their own borders, destroying bridges and railways to hinder American pursuit.

That is the real Canada. They only pretend to be friendly. Remember the War of 1812 when they burned down Washington D.C.?

It could happen again.

Say good-bye to the bald eagle, mister, and say hello to the beaver and maple syrup. Because that is what the globalist NWO plans for our country.

Here's a a really good short video of illusions. I caught about half of them. The one that really threw me was the cube.


When I was a teenager I found the Rorschach test in a library book. My reactions where normal until the very last image, which to me looked like fairies dancing around a fire.

I showed it to friend page by page, and in several pages he saw demons.

No matter how long I look at these things, I just just can't see the illusion. All I see is the reality.

The only one that ever worked on me is this one: www.youtube.com

She seem to spin clockwise, but if you scroll down so you can only see her bottom half, the direction seems to reverse.

It's supposed to tell you if you are right or left brained.

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