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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

How to Develop Empathy for Someone Who Annoys You When someone you work with annoys you, it's tempting to avoid the person as much as possible. But this isn't always feasible and often only makes the situation worse. You're better off cultivating some empathy. How can you do that with a colleague who rubs you the wrong way? How can you foster curiosity instead of animosity? read more

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Carole Cadwalladr just wanted to insure her car. Six months later, she found a mass of personal details held by a firm she had never contacted that is run by Leave.EU's biggest donor, Arron Banks. How did it get there? read more

A man who allegedly touched a woman without her permission onboard an American Airlines plane was shocked with a stun gun 10 times before police finally dragged him off the aircraft and arrested him Sunday night, according to the Miami-Dade Police Department. And multiple passengers captured the violent altercation on video from multiple angles. read more

Reports from Canada say the suspect in the Toronto van attack made a reference to "Incel Rebellion" on Facebook. But what exactly is an "incel"? read more

Monday, April 23, 2018

I'm sick and tired of Uranus jokes. It's time to get serious about Uranus, because there is some really serious science surrounding Uranus's mysteries. And wow, is Uranus mysterious. read more


Here's the wiki on acid attacks, but it ends in 2016 after the rate in London increases six-fold from 2012. en.wikipedia.org

Note the rate was about half of that of Bangladesh in 2016, but if you search news stories on duckduckgo in 2017 it increased by 78% in that year alone. Note that if you use Google instead, for reasons of political correctness, your mileage may vary.

Jesus. msn.com is awesome. Read the "Weird News" section. I insist, here: www.msn.com

I guess after that woman got convicted of a hate crime for posting the lyrics of a popular rap song, satire is the only way they get the truth out about what is really happening over there.

I only know a few Europeans, and today only one British guy I talk to (all on an old-style Hippy free speech site that is now encrypted) but they seem to have some issues with what their governments are both doing and saying.

#7 Really no different from different from this kind of bigotry: www.washingtontimes.com

This is what Hexagram #23 in the I Ching predicted would happen in our era. Yeah, I know, you can get the exact same result from goat entrails, astrology, crystal gazing, etc... in this era, but I think it's interesting that they all same say the same thing.


Here a good documentary on why the mustache was so dangerous, and where it possible came from: www.youtube.com

(Note to CIA, I am not the creator of this video, although I do know the truth now....)

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